Sonic Bytes An Advanced Smart Contract

Sonic Bytes Advanced Binance Smart Contract

New York, NY, Feb. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) Three Devs came together to build Sonic Bytes. They watched cryptos rise and fall. They paid attention to other crypto companies trials and errors. The three devs knew they could build something better. They have passion and purpose to build a crypto company that focuses on benefiting the holders.

The Devs reviewed hundreds of smart contracts and audits. They found that most crypto companies merely copied and pasted their contracts from someone else or paid for a smart contract on a website made by a software. The problems with that was when they copied and pasted, they also copied errors. The punched out contracts from a web apps were a dime a dozen and had no originality to them.

The Sonic Bytes Devs built an Advanced Smart Contract on the Binance blockchain. It is created for all as an asset with stronger tokenomics than others. Sonic Bytes has a 10% transaction fee, 5% will be distributed to holders, 3% goes to liquidity and 2% will be an auto burn to the dead wallet.

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Our liquidity pool is blocked from reflections. Other smart contracts allow their liquidity pool to gain reflections. By doing that, it creates lopsided liquidity, lowering the value of their token. Sonic Bytes Advanced Smart Contract blocks reflections to the liquidity pool protecting the value of your SONIC tokens. This also ensures that the maximum amount of reflections go to the holders.

Other Smart Contract Burn addresses absorb reflections and they call that their burn. The problem with that is the token holders lose out on an enormous percentage of reflections that should be distributed to them. Our Burn wallet is blocked from reflections. This maximizes reflections ensuring holders get the full amount!

We created an auto burn. Auto burn is our clean burn concept where 2% of every transaction is burned forever in our dead wallet. This reduces the market supply of the Sonic Bytes Token and when there is less market supply this will add value to all the Sonic Bytes Tokens.

We found serious problems in other contracts and made sure ours did not have those issues. Some smart contracts with tokenomics lose BNB in their contract when BNB is paired with their token to create liquidity. Those contracts don’t appear to provide a way to withdraw those BNB, and they will be locked in the contract forever.

We fixed this problem and coded the Sonic Bytes Advanced Smart Contract to catch the lost BNB and move it to our Developers/Marketing Wallet. Any fractional lost BNB will be sent to our Developer Wallet address 0x1092D994eA9D12C91716626bCBf1bf0A3655A5c6. With the funds in the Developer Wallet we can use to create more play to earn games and applications as well as use these funds for marketing. We invest what could have been lost BNB forever, back into Sonic Bytes!

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