Solidproof Partners with FOMODEX

To Empower DeFi Users in Avoiding Scams

The German-based security provider Solidproof has partnered with FOMODEX, a free-to-use DEX tracking platform, to educate crypto investors on avoiding falling for various crypto scams.

Handewitt, Germany, March 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The two platforms work together to create posts that inform the crypto community on ways to maintain anonymity while trading, purchasing, and investing in digital assets. The content also informs users on the importance of vetting pre-sales to ensure they don’t invest in phony tokens or lose money to rug pulls.

The educational platform also focuses on the importance of efficient smart contract audits for DeFi projects to eliminate bugs and other security loopholes that bad actors can exploit.

The increasing fraudulent schemes call for innovative solutions and education to protect DeFi market participants. SolidProof, a leading blockchain audit company, has stepped up to help safeguard the $69.43 billion locked in various DeFi protocols.

The Go-to Platform for Efficient Audit Solutions

Solidproof launched in 2021 to bring transformational audit solutions to DeFi, making the space safer for all users. The project has introduced proper audit tools that empower established and new projects to secure their protocol by rooting out vulnerabilities and inefficiencies.

Solidproof also offers a built-in Know Your Customer (KYC) solution that verifies users’ identities to protect blockchain-based projects from money laundering and terrorist financing risks. The KYC process also vets the team behind a project, guaranteeing investors that the developers are qualified, legitimate, and well-intentioned.

The German-based company recently introduced its smart contact audit automation tool that promises to be a game-changer in the industry. The auto tool shortens the time needed to review and analyze complex DeFi code and tax systems. It also fine-tunes the audit process, making it possible to discover hard-to-find vulnerabilities that manual testing often misses.

The auto tool solution enhances the firm’s ability to produce reliable audit reports for numerous blockchain platforms. So far, over 350 projects have chosen trust made in Germany to safeguard their code and build up their credibility in the DeFi sector.

The Auto Clicker Download tool shortens the time needed to review and analyze complex DeFi code and tax systems.

Launchpad platforms such as Unicrypt have also integrated SolidProof’s easy-to-use auto tool on their websites, allowing upcoming projects to seamlessly conduct an audit and KYC before launch.

About SolidProof

Solidproof is a leader in smart contract security solutions that brings accurate, reliable, affordable smart contract audits made in Germany to the DeFi sector. The firm plays a significant role in eradicating scams and fraud from the DeFi space with its revolutionary audit and KYC services.

The blockchain auditor has secured hundreds of projects, helping instill trust in the fast-growing DeFi industry. To learn more about Solidproof’s security solutions and connect with its community, click on the links below:

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