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Shiba Rocket Confirms Exchange Listing with BitMart

Updates development roadmap

Los Angeles, California, United States, Nov. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Shiba Rocket has confirmed that they will be listing their token on BitMart in November 2021 as they prepare to expand their innovative ecosystem.

In 2020-2021, the hype aroundmeme projects, NFTs, and NFT-based gamesis at an all-time high.IShiba Rocket has confirmed that they will be listing their token on BitMart in November 2021 as they prepare to expand their innovative ecosystem.n March 2021, Beeple’s record-breaking NFT sale for $69m placed him ‘among the top three most valuable living artists’, and today, Shiba Inu and Dogecoin occupy the 9th and 10th place in the list of most valuable crypto projects with a combined market cap of over $75 billion. Gaming projects such as Axie Infinity have also seen mass adoption and incredible growth with their token price increasing from just 53 cents to the current price of $137.03 since the start of the year.

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In 2021, Axie Infinity is one of the leading gaming brands in the Crypto space.

ShibaRocket, is one of the latest and most ambitious projects to embrace the demand for pop culture within the metaverse. Much more than your average meme token project, ShibaRocket’s goal is to make the meme economy a reality in the crypto space by introducing gamified NFT mechanics and Augmented Reality.ShibaRocket employs a multifaceted approach to holding the attention of its many users by building a varied and sustainable eco-system. The ShibaRocket token allows investors to embarkon a journey through minigames, comics, NFTs, Augmented Reality and more.

ShibaRocket Minigames

The team has released multiple minigames to engage users in their ecosystem. These minigames include Flappy Bear, Shiba Ninja, Shiba Gang Breaker and Virus Attack to name just a few.

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But beyond the entertainment value they provide, playing these minigames can also have real economic benefits and this is where ShibaRocket is really puts the power of technology to use. For example, in some games, points won can be accumulated and redeemed, leading to NFT purchasesor store discounts. This is the Play to Earn model working at its best.

ShibaRocket Comics

The ShibaRocket comics are beautifully illustrated ebooks, available for download from the website. The books have found a fanbase within the crypto community and now has a growing crowd of readers that track the intergalactic journey of Shiba and its friends. The comics released so far include “Yu Yan In Juicy Dress”, “Shiba Inu Space Invaders”, “Kojo Monkey Business”, “Lilo The Grid” and several others.

DAO Governance

ShibaRocket is the governance token of the ecosystem. By being a part of the DAO users will be able to stake ShibaRocket and participate in the governance of the project. Once a part of the DAO, users can earn rewards and get access to all the products of ShibaRocket. ShibaRocket Governance will be launched fully in November and the TVL (Total Value Locked) within the project is expected to increase drastically during this time.

ShibaShop AR& VR Hub

Shibashop V1 will be coming out in November, a first of its kind flagship app with play to earn experience. ShibaShop V2 will combine augmented reality applications, NFTs and retail brand discounts all in one app.

CEX Listing

In order to bring more trust and mass adoption to ShibaRocket ecosystem, the project has partnered with BitMart Exchange, ranked 12th biggest crypto currency exchange in the world. Exchange listing will take place in the 2nd week of November according to the team and sources.


Meme tokens are the talk of the Crypto Space at the moment but there aren’t many projects that are creating real value for their users. ShibaRocket looks to place itself at the forefront of development and this is due in no small part to its experienced development team. The ShibaRocket team was part of theearly development of the team that would later become Shiba Inu. In fact,the concept of Shiba & Friends comes from that initial background.

Team member Musky says ‘the world has not seen an ecosystem like this before. It’s completely brand new and fully immersive and we’re excited to see how far we can take this for our excellent community.’

Ecosystem Roadmap

  • Minigames – Achieved
  • Comics – Achieved
  • VR Hub – Achieved
  • CEX Listing Achieved
  • DAO Governance – November 2021
  • ShibaShop TGE – November 2021
  • ShibaShop Wallet – November 2021
  • ShibaShop V1 – November 2021
  • ShibaShop V2 – January 2022

Website https://www.shibarocket.space/Twitter https://twitter.com/ShibaRocketDogTelegram http://t.me/ShibaRocketDogLinktree https://linktr.ee/ShibaRocket

Contact: MuskyEmail: [email protected]

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Shiba Rocket confirms exchange listing with BitMart and updates development roadmap.

Shiba Rocket confirms exchange listing with BitMart and updates development roadmap.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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