RumIsles Launching First-Ever Mathematically Sustainable Passive Income+ NFT

+ P2E Battle Royale Token

RumIsles ($RUM) is a three-phase passive income, NFT, and Metaverse Gaming token on the Binance Smart Chain network. Initially, investors can purchase three different types of Isles that generate passive income in $RUM. The project builds upon the methodologies established with DAOs and Node Ventures; however, in a sustainable fashion to foster trust and wealth for investors.


RumIsles Launching First-Ever Mathematically Sustainable Passive Income+ NFT 1

BOSTON, April 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — RumIsles ($RUM), a DeFi + GameFi token backed by a double-KYC verified team, is an ambitious venture with a goal to seamlessly integrate NFT and Metaverse Gaming with Passive Income. Enthusiasts of DeFi have seen the explosion of passive income tokens such as DAOs and Nodes in recent months and oftentimes investors are left with nothing due to unobtainable APY promises that leave the token worthless. To combat this ever growing issue, RumIsles has developed a sustainable passive income infrastructure that builds value in each phase of the project. RumIsles has been strategically designed to not only provide a generous return for investors in the form of passive income, but to create an engaging community built around the RumIsles Universe.

The aforementioned three-pronged phase approach for the RumIsles Project are as follows:

Phase 1: Passive Income IslesThe initial goal of the project is to provide investors the opportunity to earn passive income through the purchase of Metaverse Isles that each contain a stash of $RUM. This stash will produce $RUM at a daily rate until it is fully depleted. There will be an initial batch of 2,000 Isles to be available for sale immediately following presale.

Budgie Stash Isle (1,000 available)Jardine Stash Isle (600 available)Macaw Stash Isle (400 available)

Along with Passive Income, each Isle purchase guarantees land ownership in the upcoming RumIsles Metaverse. To promote fairness and ensure there are no $RUM whales that manipulate the token price, each investor will be allowed to purchase a maximum of two of each isle type at launch.

Phase 2: NFT DistilleriesNFT distilleries will become available in phase two to replenish the depleted Isles and also give holders a chance to boost the $RUM/Day production on their Isles. Three NFT Distilleries in the form of Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Packages will be offered in limited quantities. Each NFT sold will also play an integral role in the RumIsles Metaverse by adding unique ownership features in the P2E Battle Royale gaming experience.

Phase 3: RumIsles MetaverseAfter the release of all Isles, a Play-2-Earn Battle Royale Metaverse world will be launched. Gamers will be able to explore a world filled with Treasures, Pirates, Ships, Isles, And Most Importantly….. $RUM. This culmination of the RumIsles vision will be a self-sustainable ecosystem that continues to award existing Isle holders and promotes growth by bringing on new users who love gaming and battling the top competitors for $RUM.

Join RumIsles in the quest to build a standalone Universe on the Seven Seas with $RUM being shared by all!

PresaleThe RumIsles Presale will be on Wednesday, April 27 at 4:00 PM UTC on Pinksale.

RumIsles Smart Contract Address: 0xe8FEBD171343866e68E045bba18Abf7acA7fDc2a

To allow everyone an equal chance to buy $RUM and Isles, there will be no whitelist (first come, first serve). Once the hard cap has been filled, no more $RUM tokens will be available until the official public market launch on PancakeSwap via the $RUM/BNB pair.


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