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RoboFi launches its Power Ecosystem Fueled by VICS Token

SEOUL, South Korea, June 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — RoboFi, a decentralized finance (Defi) platform that envisions a marketplace for revolutionary Dao crypto trading bots with IBO (Initial Bot Offering), has announced the launch of its cutting-edge ecosystem which is fueled by VICS Token.

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RoboFi has determined the serious need for a transparent Defi platform that is backed by enhanced security. To achieve its goal, extensive knowledgebase and technology were added as leverages in creating its current ecosystem–RoboFi.

RoboFi combines traditional fintech and blockchain technology, to provide a next-level revolutionary crypto trading bots marketplace technology that is secure and transparent. Developed using the DAO (decentralized and autonomous organization) principle, RoboFi provides a robust, secure environment for bot creators and users alike.

The RoboFi ecosystem runs on the VICS token. VICS Token is a BSC token, built on the Binance Smart Chain. Using VICS token, RoboFi users can purchase DAO Crypto Trading Bots, stake, or participate in the IBO and be a governance shareholder of a crypto trading bot.

Dr. Minh Sang Tran, Director of RoboFi, said, “We are very grateful to provide RoboFi technology to the market. Through RoboFi and the VICS token, we imagine a world where each person at least owns one crypto trading bot. We will provide our service in the most secure and transparent way. Security is our first philosophy.”

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She added: “We also introduce the new concept of IBO in the market. IBO is short for Initial Bot Offering. IBO happens when a crypto trading bot is launched through the RoboFi platform. Bot creators can raise capital through IBO while users can buy the rights to become bot governance shareholders. This promotes mutual earning opportunities for bot creators and users. We are very confident that it will exceed the market’s standard needs.”

About RoboFi

RoboFi(http://www.robofi.io) is a Defi platform that envisions a marketplace for revolutionary Dao crypto trading bots. Through its IBO (Initial Bot Offering) system, community members can maximize their earnings in an easy, simple, and secure way. We create a safe and transparent environment based on blockchain technologies that help developers bring crypto trading bot platforms to the market. In addition, individuals will have easy access to these bot applications, thereby generating more earning opportunities. RoboFi ecosystem is fueled by the VICS token.

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