Review of the SwitchBot Hub Plus, Smart IR Remote Control


The central controlling unit of the Switchbot is one of the most essential devices that you need in your home when it comes to home automation. This is because the Amazon SwitchBot Hub is the central switching system that enables the individual Switchbots to function. Think of the Amazon Switchbot Hub Plus as a Central Processing Unit for your Switchbots.

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The SwitchBot Hub Plus comes Packed with a Whole lot of Functionality

The Swichbot hub is an all-in-one IR remote control for all the switch bots you can find in one location. This allows for a whole new level of control over multiple devices at the same time. You can have a Switchbot hub operating in more than one room and everything will work remotely from your app if you so choose.

The ability to switch on or off more than one device also comes with IFTTT functionality. This gives you more options to work with when it comes to switching your devices. Also, the Switchbot Hub Plus connects to Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa depending on your favorite Smart assistant to enable you to handle these tasks easily.


  • Access to multiple devices at the same time,
  • Integrates with all the smart assistants (Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri),
  • Flexible usage is due to link up with IFTTT. Many ways of using the Switchbots are now possible via IFTTT recipes,
  • Remote access to devices control using the app or internet,
  • Access to the hub over wifi making it easy to control,


  • Easy to install,
  • Easy to use,
  • Easy to figure out,
  • Remotely accessible,


  • Tech-savvy knowledge is needed for operations,
  • The device needs configuration for new devices especially for the IR remote configurations which aren’t preset into the Switchbot,
  • Timers and IFTTT connections need a constant internet connection due to the use of recipes,


The Switchbot hub is a must-have device. This is because it makes everything easy so that too many issues can be solved at once without having to keep redoing the same tasks over and over again.

The Switchbot also helps to keep the home working in an organized fashion. As a central controller for home automation devices, the Switchbot hub delivers on its promises. 

Find out more from Amazon here.

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