Quantic Dream's Twitch add-on puts 'Detroit' gameplay in viewers' hands

Streams for decision-driven games have been popular on livestreaming services as they give viewers a chance to influence decisions, and Quantic Dream wants to seize on that opportunity. It’s rolling out a Twitch extension for Detroit: Become Human, simply titled Detroit: Community Play, that promises to rope the audience into the decision making process. The add-on will automatically start polls for over 150 plot points, letting you vote on what a streamer should do next. A broadcaster could theoretically hand viewers control of everything but split-second action scenes.

You’ll get a preview of Community Play on May 25th at 2PM Eastern, when Quantic Dream will host an event on its Twitch channel with Bryan Dechart and Amelia Rose Blaire (the actors who play Connor and Tracy) demonstrating the extension during Detroit’s opening scene. While we wouldn’t count on this leading to a surge in demand for games like Detroit, it does hint at where games could go now that livestreaming is relatively commonplace — you could see more games that depend on collective input.

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