Qualcomm Tech Summit, Day 3 Live Blog (Starts at 2pm ET)

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02:22PM EST – 3.5x faster than Snapdragon 835

02:22PM EST – 2x faster than previous gen

02:21PM EST – Most extreme GPU QC has ever built

02:21PM EST – Adreno 680

02:21PM EST – Built technologies purposefully built for compkute

02:21PM EST – Integrated design philosophy in the chip

02:20PM EST – Qualcomm is all about the balance

02:20PM EST – Others have a focus on peak performance

02:20PM EST – Usually have to decide between premium computing or battery life

02:20PM EST – A real PC that can do productivity

02:19PM EST – Productivty based OS

02:19PM EST – Coexist with S850, create a new perf tier

02:18PM EST – battery life and thermal efficiency remains key

02:17PM EST – better video, faster download

02:17PM EST – higher frame rates, more transistors

02:17PM EST – Everything updated

02:16PM EST – extreme perf, extreme battery, extreme connectivity

02:16PM EST – Most extreme snapdragon ever created

02:16PM EST – To the stage, Miguel Nunes to the stage

02:15PM EST – (photos are slow again, apologies)

02:15PM EST – World’s first 7nm compute platform

02:15PM EST – Looks like a surface ?

02:15PM EST – Lenovo’s dual screen design

02:14PM EST – It’s a completely separate chip to the 855

02:14PM EST – Kryo 495, Adreno 680

02:14PM EST – Snapdragon 8cx

02:13PM EST – Announcing a new member to ACPC

02:13PM EST – Commitment to the PC industry and to innovation

02:13PM EST – (Note that process node # means very little these days comparing across foundries)

02:12PM EST – Process leadership with ACPC. Snapdragon 835 at 10nm when CPU/GPU on 12/14/16nm

02:11PM EST – Taking core IP from mobile into laptops

02:11PM EST – Laptop market is ~200m, smartphone market is ~2B

02:10PM EST – Current two generations of ACPC in the market, Snapdragon 835 and S850

02:08PM EST – No longer need to use a legacy device

02:08PM EST – Airport, train, wherever

02:08PM EST – THe uses cases for the ACPC allows connected freedom

02:07PM EST – Current devices take ages to log in to corporate VPN

02:06PM EST – An industry going from a couple of hours battery life to multiple days

02:06PM EST – battery power, connectivity, carrying a power cord, thermals

02:06PM EST – ACPC is designed to solve several key pain points

02:05PM EST – Qualcomm is a tech enabler

02:05PM EST – Going to announce product and speeds and feeds

02:05PM EST – ‘Saved the best for last’

02:05PM EST – Sanjay Metha, SVP Compute Products to the stage

02:04PM EST – Video about always connected laptops

02:03PM EST – A dig at Intel’s advertising at the local airport

02:03PM EST – 200k social media watchers, 10x over last year

02:02PM EST – Alex Katouzian to the stage, SVP and GM Mobile

02:02PM EST – Here we go

01:57PM EST – Now sat down, front and center 🙂

01:44PM EST – Event is scheduled to start at 2pm ET, 7pm UTC

01:44PM EST – The final keynote this week is on Qualcomm’s Always Connected PCs. We’re waiting outside to be let in!

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