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Poodl Exchange Launches Its Game-Changing Project in the Crypto Market

The Poodl Team, a trusted name in the crypto ecosystem, is proud to announce the launch of Poodl Exchange. This platform offers users up to 5% more tokens than other swaps for the same amount.


Lisbon, Portugal, April 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With its user-friendly interface and secure trading environment, Poodl Exchange sets itself apart from existing rivals. The project promises a game-changing experience in the crypto market.

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A Recent Launch in the Crypto Industry

Poodl Exchange is a new platform that promises to revolutionize the crypto trading landscape. The project launched on April 2, 2023, and the currently supported networks are BNB Chain, Polygon, and Fantom. The team plans to include ERC20, Arbitrum, and Cronos in the future.

Along with its launch, Poodl Exchange also introduced its native token: $PET. Built on the fast, scalable Polygon chain, $PET is a way for users to gain passive income. Furthermore, $PET represents a utility token providing numerous use cases.

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$PET holders receive dividends based on the DEX trading volume and a 3% dividend on all trades involving the token. This incentivizes user involvement and rewards them for their loyalty to the platform.

Poodl Exchange’s new trading approach allows users to trade swiftly, safely, and cheaply, making it a crypto industry disruptor. The native token provides additional benefits to users that intend to make the platform attractive for traders of all levels.

The Benefits that Come with Poodl Exchange

Poodl Exchange offers a variety of benefits to the cryptocurrency trader, from enhanced security measures to a user-friendly interface. Poodl Exchange provides the crypto industry with fast, safe, and affordable trading.

In order to illustrate this, consider the current market rates for BUSD to ETH. Poodl Exchange gives an almost 5% better exchange rate than other platforms. Here are the details on this matter:

Platform 1 ETH to bUSD Rate Difference (%)
Poodl Exchange 1 ETH = $1853.70 bUSD
PancakeSwap 1 ETH = $1783.07 bUSD -3.9%
1inch 1 ETH = $1788.43 bUSD -3.65%
KnightSwap 1 ETH = $1740.29 bUSD -6.52%

This makes it an attractive choice for cryptocurrency traders seeking lower fees and better value for their trades.

Poodl Exchange additionally categorizes tokens as “Poodl Approved” or “Poodl Certified,” depending on specific criteria. This helps to ensure the safety of crypto projects and provides an additional layer of security for traders.

Working Side-by-Side with the Crypto Community

Poodl Exchange strives to provide a secure, efficient, and user-friendly platform for cryptocurrency users to trade digital assets.

With a focus on customer service, the Poodl team is committed to responding promptly and helpfully when customers need assistance. Through the website’s contact section, users can contact a reliable customer support team via Telegram or email.

Furthermore, to help extend the reach of projects, Poodl Exchange offers marketing packages for interested projects. The platform’s growing user base and marketing expertise create a win-win situation for crypto teams and investors.

As an ever-growing platform, Poodl Exchange is delighted to work side-by-side with the crypto community to create a better future.

About Poodl Exchange

Poodl Exchange is a decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform providing an intuitive interface and enhanced security measures. Its competitive conversion rates and low trading fees offer traders up to 5% more tokens than its competitors.

Moreover, Poodl Exchange puts customer support at the forefront by offering packages for projects and responsive support. This commitment to its users makes it an ideal choice for novice and experienced traders.

The recent market launch of the platform came together with the introduction of its native token, $PET. Anyone curious about exploring the platform can visit the team’s website and the below social media pages.

Discord | Telegram | Twitter

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.