Phenom Releases Official White Paper with Roadmap and Phenom Explorer

Phenom Ecosystem, a quickly evolving project that has been catching the eye of a broad audience for the last year, has just released a new product and a long-awaited White Paper.

NEW YORK, Sept. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, Phenom has released the official white paper with roadmap and phenom Explorer. Phenom Ecosystem is a decentralized, adaptive, distributed, and open system of digital products, the organization of which is inspired by the functioning of natural ecosystems.

The world economy is rapidly changing, and people are all influenced by new inventions and trends. Original economic models are emerging because of a strengthened effective connection between humans and technology. People are no longer living in the era of production and sales, and they will have to adapt to the new reality quickly.

The only way to do that is to follow progressive technological companies that already live in the future. One of such projects is Phenom Ecosystem.

What is Phenom Ecosystem?

Phenom is the project that introduces us to the new world at the intersection of humanity and technological advancement. It enables new opportunities, gives modern knowledge and a unique experience.

Phenom is a high-tech digital space where services, products, and solutions are organized around users’ needs. The team and the whole Phenom community remain committed to the values ​​of transparency, mutual benefit, security, and decentralization.

Phenom Ecosystem is composed of the following products: Phenom Network, Phenom Chain, Phenom Token, Phenom App, and Phenom League.

Phenom Token, PNT, is the essence of the whole ecosystem. It is designed to help every party operate with maximum efficiency – particularly for the benefit of the user personally and the ecosystem as a whole. It does not depend on external conditions. And it is created, mined, stored, and sold exclusively within the ecosystem.

Phenom Explorer and White Paper release

Phenom Ecosystem has recently launched a new product, Phenom Explorer, and released a White Paper that will help the community understand the project better.

Phenom Explorer is a tool that allows real-time tracking of the token dynamics, market cap, turnover, and other PNT-related data. Besides, it enables transaction tracking by means of the wallet address, TXID, and even block number.

Phenom White Paper contains all the information about the project, including an extensive description of the Phenom blockchain and a complete roadmap for the next several years.

Both Phenom Explorer and White Paper have only been released in a beta version, which means that the team will continue working on them according to users’ needs and feedback.

In the future, the Phenom Ecosystem team plans to expand the product line. By the end of 2022, they are going to release several second-line products, including Phenom Metaverse, Phenom Game, Phenom Exchange, and Phenom Pay. And by 2025, the team wants to release additional third-line products, such as Phenom Phone & OS, Phenom Browser, and Phenom Messenger.

Learn more about Phenom Ecosystem on their official website or directly in the newly-released White Paper.

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Company: Phenom Ecosystem

Contact: Lina Markova, PR Manager




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