Crypto games seem to be heating up in 2020. After CryptoKitties succeeded in the mainstream world in 2017, there has been a rapid increase in digital collectibles built on blockchain technology. This rising trend suggests that gaming and blockchain make a perfect match.

Blockchain technology offers a stable reward system for the players to collect digital collectibles that make digital games worthwhile. On the other hand, crypto games create a friendly environment or learning and mass adoption.

Japan leads the pack of crypto game developers with a staggering net worth of over $40 billion. Furthermore, expert blockchain researchers have said that increasing global smartphone penetration can enable the crypto gaming industry to explode even further in 2020 and beyond. Here are some of the blockchain-based games to consider in 2020.

Blockchain Cuties

The game takes the idea of digital collectibles a little deeper by making them available on many blockchains. It comprises of cute fantasy creatures that include puppies, cats, pandas, and lizards. These animals can be traded, sold, or turned into traditional digital currencies. Moreover, digital collectibles can be trained with many skills that are put to the test during their battles.

Blockchain Cuties can be played on computers and mobile devices via a web browser. The game is increasingly becoming interesting due to its growing support team and an intuitive design.

My Crypto Heroes

This Japan-based blockchain game has barely existed for over a year, but it ranks first in the world in terms of transactional volume. Double inc. is the game’s developer and it runs on Ethereum as a decentralized application. The game can be played on computers and mobile devices.

My Crypto Heroes comprises of historical heroes that can be collected and trained to fight in multiple epic battles. All the heroes are hidden, and their enemies have made them weaker. A player needs to go through the depths of the fantasy world to free the heroes and restore them to their former glory.

Players can train their heroes to gain new skills and the game also authorizes them to trade heroes on a social marketplace.

Gods Unchained

The game is a deck-building card game that lets the players get card packs and accumulate unique collections of rare cards. The cards are built on Ethereum’s blockchain, and the players get actual ownership of the cards which they can exchange for other cards or sell them on a market place.

It easily compares to Blizzard’s Hearthstone, with the only difference being that GU runs on a blockchain. Gods Unchained reportedly gained traction in 2019 after Blizzard expelled one of its top players after he publicly supported the Hong Kong protests.

So far, this crypto game has acquired at least $15 million in funding, which makes it one of the most promising blockchain-based games of 2020. During its peak in November 2019, the game’s transactional volumes surpassed that of CryptoKitties. The fantasy card game transferred over 6 million cards in three days valued at over 4.7 million transfers when it reached its peak in 2017.

Spells of Genesis

The mobile crypto game is developed to mix a card trading game and an arcade-style game. Players of Spells of Genesis can go on an epic adventure while collecting and trading orbs to create strong decks that can be tested in battles. The players can then cast spells on enemies using the deck of cards with strategy and skill being the primary elements for victory.

Players can then keep their cards and items that they win from playing the game since the cards and collectibles in this game are built on blockchain technology. Interestingly, this is one of the first role-playing Bitcoin (BTC) games that enable players to store collectibles on the Bitcoin blockchain directly.

Moreover, winnings can be exchanges outside this game, which makes it exciting for gamers.

Forgotten Artifacts

This crypto game lets players go on endless adventures to find Forgotten Artifacts. All the collectibles in this blockchain game are a mix of non-fungible and fungible tokens, each with a limited supply, which makes them unique and valuable.

For now, it is in its pre-alpha development stage. It can only be played with an Enjin wallet since it is the only way to store the ERC-1155 tokens and collectibles. So far, interest in the game is increasingly coming from the gaming community with a user base that the Forgotten Artifacts team calls “assiduous.”

Other Worthwhile Crypto Games

Other crypto games worth playing include Splinterlands, Bitcoin Flip (Trading App), Altcoin Fantasy, Neon District, OxUniverse, MegaCryptoPolis, Eos Knights, and Mythereum.

The Takeaway

The crypto gaming industry is rapidly growing, with more crypto games being developed and more collectible in-game items being created on blockchain technology. These games indirectly make the mass adoption of cryptos and blockchain possible while simultaneously offering an easy way of learning how blockchain technology works.

According to the CEO of Immutable (the creators of Gods Unchained), James Ferguson, 2020 will present massive progress in terms of quality and ease of use:

“We’re expecting an influx of mainstream users that far surpasses what was achieved in 2019 as a result. In-game digital assets will likely be the largest driver of cryptocurrency adoption over the next couple of years, especially considering games will be one of the greatest tools for onboarding users into the ecosystem.”

Eventually, as the in-game items become more popular, they will collide with cryptocurrencies.

About the author

Wanguba Muriuki is an Editor at Large for E-Crypto News and author of the book- "The Exploitative Intrigues of Cryptocurrency Scams Explained." He is also a passionate creator who sees every aspect of life from a written perspective. He loves Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Technology, and Traveling. He is a widely experienced creative and technical writer. Everything and everyone is describable. The best description is written.

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