Orderbook Announces the Launch of its Crypto Trading AI System

ROAD TOWN, British Virgin Islands, Orderbook, a cryptocurrency trading service platform has announced the release of its flagship AI trading system in early July 2021. Its service allows users to copy trades of that uses the same trading methodology as a bank’s FX market making trading desk, with sound inventory management as the key to successful trading.

“We developed our own dashboard and started the fund to help bridge clients to the emerging DeFi sector. We later expanded into developing and offering Orderbook crypto trading services after sighting notable interest from our client base despite having similar services already available in the market. Besides automation, they wanted more transparency and a relatable trading methodology, and we have the right group of talents to make Orderbook a reality,” he added.

Even a top crypto trader can make mistakes, this is why social copy trading platforms that are simply providing a channel to matchmake traders and copiers although great, may not be the ideal choice for many. Orderbook took a step further by developing its proprietary AI trading system that is battle-tested and constantly monitored to ensure efficiency in balancing market volatility. It had achieved over 25% in returns over the past 3 months in its sample account with Binance, continuously battle-tested with the group’s own capital.

The platform is committed to 100% transparency, allowing its clients to see all the trades placed via their Orderbook dashboard and can monitor the value of their assets in real-time.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Trading with Ease

Simply connect to Orderbook via a trade-only API connection, select a trader with the strategy that is suitable and start copy trading within 24 hours. Clients have the freedom to stop copy-trading anytime too.

  • Your Funds Stay Yours

Orderbook has no access to funds in clients’ exchange accounts.

  • It’s Always Proportional

When the account of the trader trades, users trade. It is automated and hassle-free allowing clients to get the same results as order sizes are adjusted proportionally.

  • The Chances of Total Loss are Zero

The strategies of Orderbook do not employ any leverage hence the chances of total account losses due to profit-maximizing decisions are zero. Orderbook currently only trades in BTC/USDT, it is the most reputable and liquid coin in the cryptocurrency market. The Orderbook team has experienced several market booms and busts and the strategies are built to handle any market conditions.

  • Backed by Real Trading History

The trading performance of Orderbook’s sample account with Binance can be accessed by the public on its website. All transactions are updated in real-time and the daily balance is updated at 06:00 GMT+8 daily. Trading results are 100% legit.

How does the Orderbook cryptocurrency strategy work?

Orderbook currently offers 3 strategy options with varying risks profiles. In a nutshell, the strategies seek to buy low and sell high through limit orders to earn a spread as many times as possible across all market conditions in the spot market. The strategies are long-only and do not seek to predict market directions.

As in any investment, users should be aware that trading cryptocurrencies has risks and trading returns are not guaranteed.

Orderbook currently supports cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, FTX, and Bybit. Its mobile app versions are expected to launch in 2022.

About Orderbook

Orderbook is developed by FX2 Asset Management, a BVI regulated fund focusing on digital assets innovations. The Orderbook proprietary system is fully funded by the group itself as mentioned by its spokesperson, Head of Automated Trading Desk, Ivan Toh.

To learn more, please visit www.orderbook.finance.

Media contact

Company: Orderbook

Address: FX2 Asset Management, Craigmuir Chambers, P.O Box 71, Road Town, Tortola VG1110, British Virgin Islands

Contact: Ivan Toh

Email: support@orderbook.finance

Tele: +852 68246778

Website: https://orderbook.finance/



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