One-on-One with Robert Beadles President of Monarch (Exclusive)

Exclusive interview with Robert Beadles


As part of our digging deep into the crypto space to hear from the people who make the big decisions, E-Crypto News reached out to Robert Beadles President of Monarch and one of the heavyweights who bared his mind on several issues concerning the crypto space. here is what he had to say:

Robert Beadles, President and Co-Founder Monarch

E-Crypto News:

2019 has been a year that has been full of events for the crypto space. What do you think will happen in the next couple of years?


Robert Beadles, President of Monarch: Yes, there has been a lot of attention on cryptocurrency in 2019, and I expect that to continue into the new decade. In the next couple of years, I expect cryptocurrency adoption to grow as companies deliver products that make it easier to use. People are starting to see the value that cryptocurrency brings to the world, and the power it holds in allowing them to control their financial futures.


E-Crypto News: Talking about the adoption of blockchain technology, where are we right now globally in the issue?


Robert Beadles: Globally, there is massive interest in blockchain technology. Earlier this year, Facebook announced LIBRA with much interest and fanfare. Now, we’re seeing some LIBRA partners back out, which raises questions about where Facebook will go from here, and how other businesses will approach cryptocurrency. We’re also seeing Congress and governments outside the United States wrestle with how to understand and regulate blockchain technology and crypto companies. Some governments, like Malta, are very friendly to crypto innovation, and others are cracking down.

E-Crypto News: What is Monarch as an organization doing to improve the crypto space?


Robert Beadles: Monarch combines all your favorite blockchain services in one place, with one login and KYC process. The key differentiators are security, ease of use, and decentralization.


Right now, cryptocurrency users need an average of nine applications to manage their digital assets, with each service requiring its own login and KYC process. Without a simple, streamlined application to access their digital assets, cryptocurrency users are left vulnerable to hacks, identity theft, SIM swaps, and more.


Monarch eliminates the need for multiple applications and improves security with a single wallet, delivering every service needed to buy, sell, trade, and manage digital assets. Monarch delivers a better, more secure user experience than its competitors by allowing users to access all the best services while safely storing their crypto with their own seed and keys.


In addition, we’ve launched the world’s first decentralized recurring crypto payments. Until now, there’s been no way to automatically pay merchants in crypto on a recurring basis. We developed a patent-pending, permission-based smart contract system that pays one wallet address the same amount of cryptocurrency on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or other recurring basis. This smart contract allows any merchant to start accepting recurring payments, and any user to start paying onboarded merchants with the supported cryptocurrencies.

E-Crypto News: How can Governments and the crypto space work well together?


Robert Beadles: Governments need to provide clear regulatory guidelines that promote innovation rather than inhibit it. The crypto space holds tremendous potential, and government leaders should feel a responsibility to foster economic development and allow people to develop financial services that work for them. Leaders in the crypto space should also promote transparency for the good of their users and the broader community.

E-Crypto News: What is the single biggest threat to the adoption of cryptocurrencies?


Robert Beadles: There are many challenges facing the crypto space right now, perhaps the biggest being regulatory uncertainty. Governments are still trying to figure out cryptocurrency enough to regulate it, and that makes it more important than ever for people investing in cryptocurrencies to understand how to manage and protect their digital assets. In addition, most blockchain services currently are not as user-friendly as centralized counterparts, which inhibits mainstream adoption.

E-Cypto News: On a scale of one to ten, how are cryptocurrency organizations doing when it comes to transparency and corporate governance?


Robert Beadles: I’d say about a five, because we see some crypto organizations being very open and transparent, and others with questionable business practices that run the risk of giving the industry a bad name.

E-Crypto News: Are cryptocurrencies going to take over the world?

Robert Beadles: Yes, cryptocurrencies are already changing the world. We’re already seeing how decentralization and peer-to-peer transactions are providing an alternative to traditional banking structures, and that will continue. We’ve won, and now governments and enterprises are starting to implement their own cryptocurrencies.


E-Crypto News: As new technology comes to cryptocurrencies — are we seeing another fluke or are cryptocurrencies the real deal?

Robert Beadles: The Bitcoin white paper came out 11 years ago, so it’s fair to say cryptocurrency has gone way beyond a fluke or trend.  Its premise and underlying technology have inspired thousands of other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin ushered in an entirely new way to think about money and our financial structures. It remains to be seen which cryptocurrencies prove their value and utility in the long term, but in one form or another, cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

E-Crypto News: In your opinion what will the world be like in the next twenty years in a world where cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have gained some form of adoption?


Robert Beadles: In 20 years, I predict that people will use cryptocurrencies as both a store of value and for everyday transactions. People will hold different cryptocurrencies for different purposes. Crypto wallets will be just as popular as bank accounts. Our dependance on traditional banks will be much lower, if not obsolete.


E-Crypto News: If you had three wishes for the crypto space and there was a genie who could grant these wishes, what would they be?


Robert Beadles: I would wish for:

1) The U.S. Government to make regulations clear, and to embrace this new technology and the entrepreneurs developing it.

2) A 10% flat tax on all cryptocurrency uses and gains.

3) The Monarch Wallet to be the blockchain wallet for the world being used by everyone, everywhere.

  1. Salma says

    Very well said 👍😊

  2. Younss drhouj says

    Thank’s for this article
    Wonderful website

  3. Gideon Ejiofor says

    You nailed it sir beadles, I love how you insightfully tackled the questions put up to you, most especially your 3 wishes. Truly you are doing your valuable quota for crypto adoption and I hope you’d be in the forefront as well as the monarch wallet when this eventually happens

  4. Claudiu Macovei says

    I agree with the fact that governments need to provide regulation for crypto , as fast as possible , for the adoption to take place in a peacefull way. If not , they will have some problems in future with cryptocurrencies.
    And I think that people will adopt crypto as store of value and transactions way in less than 10 years.

  5. rls420 says

    I like the Monarch card. Sadly Its kind of expensive for me to actually use. I love blockchain and crypto but the biggest problem is not centralization or regulation.. its monopolization. Few people holding massive amounts of coins dictating the market the value..etc etc..

  6. Basrie says

    in my opinion, crypto will be increasingly known and used by the world community, because many are promoting crypto, starting from online shopping, games, investment and many others. in cyberspace crypto almost replaces real money or dollars, maybe in the next year it will be used directly because crypto is independent money and we control it instead of the bank ..

  7. Basrie says

    in my opinion, crypto will be increasingly known and used by the world community, because many are asking for crypto, ranging from online shopping, games, investment and many others … in cyberspace most crypto is real money or dollars, maybe in the next year it will be over the whole directly because crypto is independent money and we control it not the bank ..
    Twiter @Basrie_91

  8. Reyno Pluhar says

    Brilliant done

  9. Rianne kathleen Bautista says

    that’s a great project.. Project that would never missed

  10. reyparker3 says

    dont worry sir. those 3 wishes that you have would possibly come true. the 1st wish would just be a little later. as the president of monarch you have given us a lot of useful info about crypto. we the people of the cryptoworld increase in population each day and we get to share you too so they would learn more about crypto. adoption takes time sir. just hold on

  11. Sridhar Seshadri says

    Such an enlightening interview. Loved the push the US govt. to formalize the cryptos. Highly appreciate the concept of 10% flat tax. Robert Beadles is a visionary. Would love to see how Monarch wallet takes over the blockchain world by storm.

  12. Mohammadreza says

    Thanks for this great interview. The Monarch Wallet is a fantastic wallet that we can buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum for fiat on it and store, send and receive a lot of other coins and tokens just with one login and KYC. It’s an amazing, user-friendly and secure wallet and I definitely recommend it to everyone.
    Mr. Beadles (the president of Monarch Wallet) is a very knowledgeable person about cryptocurrencies and blockchain and I totally agree with him, “cryptocurrencies are here to stay”!

  13. Zenith Morado says

    Great interview!! I love your point of view regarding crypto currency having so much potential and that right now, many people are getting interested and involved with it. It may take some time for the government to fully embraced it because crypto has a wide range of scope and needs a thorough assessment for regulating its guidelines. Monarch is highly commendable since it can hold all at once yet not compromising the user’s safety because of its features. In the next years to come, hopefully, more goods and services will also embraced the digital currency.

  14. MG-15 says

    It’s my first time come across your website , I read few articles an I love how you delivered great crypto news it’s clear an easy to understand. Highly recommended to others who want to learn an find great articles to read . Been following monarch since 2018 .

  15. Israel Maningo Jr. says

    This video increases people’s movement and awareness to cryptocurrency! Great video!

  16. Jefferson Salvador says

    I will support Cryptobeadles and his Monarch !

  17. Deva says

    Robert Beadles: In 20 years, I predict that people will use cryptocurrencies as both a store of value and for everyday transactions. People will hold different cryptocurrencies for different purposes. Crypto wallets will be just as popular as bank accounts. Our dependance on traditional banks will be much lower, if not obsolete

  18. Crypto Gardener says

    I agree with Crypto Beadles 3 wishes that sounds fair. If we don’t start moving forward we are going to be left behind, I’d hate to live in the place that got left behind in this innovation. The millennials will make it happen as older generations pass on. As sad as it sounds it’s true.

  19. María C says

    Great job. With bitcoin you have a world of new opportunities is great because you can simply invest… Thank you. God bles you. 💕 🤗

  20. Kenneth says

    You really did great things to crypto space….so thankful with all your youtube videos it helps a lot if people like me to understand and cope crypto/blockchain.
    Keep it up and looking forward for your coming live youtube videos.

  21. John Mark T. Monzon says

    having a One on one talk with the one and only Robert Beadles is really a legendary opportunity, talking about the adoption of blockchain technology is really what every talk more interesting and I really in loved to your prediction that Crypto wallets will be just as popular as bank accounts. I am really hoping for that. More success on Monarch lovelots Robert Beadles youve done and said a very good job on all the questions you answered it all well you really are a great one.

  22. Miguel franco says

    In my case, when I talk about Robert, I feel great admiration and respect. Thanks to its channel, it is easy to understand and enter the world of cryptocurrencies. Your monarch wallet is definitely practical. simple and complete time what my favorite does. I believe in my humble opinion that the crypto world needs more entrepreneurs like Robert. .

  23. Crypto Newo says

    Cryptocurrencies will be the future of payments. We should adapt with the new technologies and innovation or else we will be left behind. We need more videos to make crypto/blockchain mainstream.

  24. zai delcarmen says

    You nailed it Sir!

  25. ChrisTery says

    The one and only Robert Beadles so brilliant. This man is Satoshi Nakamoto!

  26. CcrrptoManiac says

    The last answer was the best! In the near future we cant really deny the fact that crypto will take over the fiat. Its just a matter of time. Different wallet for different transaction. I just hope that bitcoin will not die as this new crypto projects emerge and take over the financial future.

  27. Ryma Ganaden says

    No Fake, Liars, never pretends nor bullshit. #Cryptobeadles your the man!

    #Monarch #crypto

  28. Rommel says

    It’s my first time come across your website , I read few articles an I love how you delivered great crypto news it’s clear an easy to understand. Highly recommended to others who want to learn an find great articles to read . Been following monarch since 2018 .

  29. Otto Ottakringer says

    Straight to the point with the answers and i have to say i agree with all of them. The Blockchain is here to stay and everyone already invested in it has already won. Yes there are still hurdles to overcome, but overcome them we will. I don’t know if Banks will become obsolete in my lifetime, although Crypto wallets will for sure supplement or maybe even replace the traditional fiat wallet (except China, they are already using E-Cash 😀 ). The Monarch wallet has very good chances to be on the top of all wallets.

    Keep it up Robert, love from Europe

  30. Max Pahayahay says

    Great. you have super mind to create a game changer wallet, the Monarch Wallet. Good person to be a crypto mentor. 😀

  31. Patrick Goneard says

    Think of the implications of a currency that has no borders, bars no one from entry, and is not controlled by a government. At a time when we’re seeing just how much power is abused… I think the world is ready for a currency that is decentralized and controlled by the people. But yes, Bitcoin still has a journey ahead of it. It needs greater adoption, and more simplicity to appeal to the general public. But then again, the general public should be more informed anyway. Monetary decisions affect them more than the people that make the decisions…Btw if you are in the crypto world, and you are a Merchant, Investor or just a simple user who wants the full experience of a crypto wallet that has it all, i will definitely recommend the Monarch Wallet!

  32. Aimee anouk says

    Absolutely spot on answers to all the Questions that were asked
    The main concern of yours i picked was regulations by governments
    Yes malt is absolutely a blessing for cryptoworld !!
    Sad to see fb libra go down
    Transparency is the only way that would pay in the long the bad elements that operate fraudlent or questionably will go down like wrecking ball
    And last
    Love the monarch app
    Just installed it and its amazing with great interface and all

  33. Shin Ae says

    I really believe that crypto is the future. Challenges and trials are there but it is a must or else the fundamentals of cryptocurrency will not be solid. Mass adopting it will take time but not impossible because common, we are talking about our financial assets. We cannot force people to go into something that can lost their fortune. In our country, as we talk about cryptocurrency, people mindset was like SCAM OR A JUST A WAY OF SCHEME that is why i thought for the crypto to be adoptes or given a chance, we need to change others mindset and let them do their studies. Crypto is awesome but some people behind it give it a bad reputation. Cheers

  34. GaudioSiac says

    Great Interview beads. The answer are on point and full of real talks. Some Interview I hear talking about crypto are all false promising but this is are real and believable. You cant please everyone with sweet talks but you can drop a real and honest opinion.

  35. Paparazzo75 says

    Love your Professional and Chill attitude Mr Beadles
    You were absolutely spot on from the get go
    2019 got a lot of attention ,I myself got into crypto this year
    Hope US government eases up on Crypto World rather than going regressive
    Would have loved if fb libra went Boom
    It would have created a whole lot of awareness
    Loving the Monarch Wallet Experience

    If i were that GENIE i would grant your 3rd WISH first !!!!
    More Power to you sir !

  36. Crypto Berto says

    Great interview. Love all the answers. Cryptocurrency is the future of money.
    The total market capitalization will hit $80 trillion in the next 20 years. It will replace the existing technology in the upcoming years and will simplify the store payment transactions. Mass adoption is the main deal that will more likely transform our lives.

  37. Crypto Insights (@Crytpol from Twitter) says

    Thanks Robert & the interviewer Mr. Haman/E-Crypto News for this piece.
    I would like to talk a bit on your comment about regulatory uncertainty being perhaps the biggest challenge for crypto-adoption. I think most companies/startups & people in the space would agree with that 100%. In fact, recently the Stanford’s Center for Social Studies ( released a report where “nearly half” of crypto companies (in different sectors) mentioned regulatory challenges as being the most difficult part (p.5). But even when all that is true, it’s important to mention that regulatory uncertainty affects by the most part ONLY businesses/startups that in one way or another are using legacy businesses structures/models (e.g. the legacy concept of business ownership, regulated equity which by the way discriminates people on the basis of economic status, Venture Capitalists (& their lawyers) who buy cheap and then usually dump [VCS don’t use the tokens] their tokens on people ). In this regard, it seems that many businesses & entrepreneur from Web2 who are jumping into crypto (Web3) are also bringing business models from Web2 which is subjected to regulation by default and creates a point of failure. If Satoshi would have asked permission from the government, the SEC & the FED, the crypto-ecosystem might not be here. Crypto by nature goes against the establishment, current regulation & older business models, hence IMO crypto is weakened (and crypto entrepreneurs & their businesses/startups become vulnerable) when tied to legacy business structures, models & rules. “You can’t bring home a lion from the wild & domesticate it to become vegetarian”.
    Of course, many crypto-startups would disagree with my statement because they have vested interest & want their businesses (that use old business models) to succeed, and that is comprehensible from their shoes but let’s remember 2 things:

    1. Satoshi was never looking to be business owner or have a startup.
    2.Revolutions are not peaceful and people who join a revolution are by the most part radicals that are “all in with the new without mixing with the old” and ready to die for a fair cause.

    Anyway, it seems sooner or later new real business models (with a form of fair equity, not equity just for accredited investors but for everybody, different concepts of business ownership/models, no VCs or with VC but with no advantages over other people based on economic status, etc) tailored for crypto will appear & will make legacy business models obsolete while avoiding regulation fairly in such a way that even current “hybrid crypto-businesses/startups” will find hard to compete with. This will raise the bar of creativity within the ecosystem. Just as a little example (future models will be better): BTC, XMR, Rvn (launched in 2018) & many others projects (not many generally speaking) never suffered from regulatory uncertainty.

    Thanks for feeding the community constantly with your insights & opportunities. Cheers
    By Crypto Insights (@Crytpol in Twitter)

  38. Raweyah says

    As usual, you always answer with all honesty. You being straightforward is what we admire the most about you! No sugar-coating, Not protecting nor against anybody, just facts after facts. Godbless

  39. Wilma says

    There?s definately a great deal to find out about
    this subject. I really like all the points
    you have made.

  40. LNG Active says

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    share some of the love with them.

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