Nvidia’s new Shield Android TV devices could launch October 28

We’ve known for a while that Nvidia is planning on releasing a pair of new Shield TV devices, but now we have what seems like confirmation: the company today posted a teaser that suggests the devices will arrive on October 28.

It seems the company won’t have that much new to reveal though. Extensive leaks have shown we’re expecting two models: one that looks a lot like the old one box, and another that’s a compact dongle. Otherwise, the differences don’t appear to be huge. The larger device is expected to sport a more powerful Tegra X1+ processor, a more comfortable remote, USB-C, 4K upscaling, and Dolby Vision support. As reported by Android Police, the bigger unit is expected to sell for $200, while the smaller one will go for $150.

They’re definitely still on the ‘premium’ side of the streaming wars, but the price may well be worth it. Nvidia’s Shield TV is one of the under-appreciated gems among Android devices. Where most Android devices are put out of commission within a year or two, Nvidia is one of the rare manufacturers that has continued to provide updates OS updates and new features to its device since the original launched way back in 2015. If the new device is anything like it, it’ll serve potential buyers for years to come.

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Published October 25, 2019 — 19:00 UTC

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