NVIDIA and AMD Summer 2020 Video Card Game Bundles: Death Stranding & Godfall

NVIDIA and AMD Summer 2020 Video Card Game Bundles: Death Stranding & Godfall 1

With summer here and the tail-end of at least one series of video cards approaching, both NVIDIA and AMD have launched new video card game bundles in the last week in order to spur some extra video card sales. On the NVIDIA side, the company is bundling Death Stranding with RTX video cards, meanwhile AMD is now including Godfall with all of their RX 5000 series cards, as well as World of Warcraft: Shadowlands for the RX 5600 XT and higher.


Starting things off with NVIDIA, the green giant has launched their first game bundle in a while, offering copies of the PC release of Death Stranding with their RTX video cards. The previously PS4-exclusive game was released for that console in 2019, and then released for the PC this month, where it has incorporated RTX technology enhancements such as DLSS 2.0.

NVIDIA Current Game Bundles
(July 2020)
Video Card
(incl. systems and OEMs)
GeForce RTX 20 Series (All) Death Stranding
GeForce GTX 16 Series (All) None

NVIDIA’s bundle covers all of their RTX video cards, from the GeForce RTX 2060 on up. And, as is usually the case, the game offer also covers laptops and desktops sold with these video cards. Though it should be noted that this latest bundle is going to be quite short lived, with the offer ending on July 29th.

Meanwhile, NVIDIA is not currently offering any game bundles for its lower-tier cards, the GeForce GTX series.

As always, codes must be redeemed via the GeForce Experience application on a system with a qualifying graphics card installed. More information and details can be found in the terms and conditions. Be sure to verify the participation of any vendors purchased from, as NVIDIA will not give codes for purchases made from non-participating sellers.


On the other end of the spectrum, AMD has also launched a new Raise The Game bundle for recent Radeon cards. Here the company is offering a multi-tier bundle that covers all of their desktop RX 5000 series parts, as well as the majority of their mobile parts.

For the Radeon RX 5500 and higher, AMD is including a voucher for a copy of Godfall, Counterplay Games’ upcoming action RPG, which is due to launch late this year. Meanwhile the company is also offering a second game with purchases of RX 5600 & RX 5700 hardware, in the form of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, the game’s upcoming expansion. As Warcraft uses a rolling release model, this expansion pack is functionally the entire game, as the base game and all of the previous expansions are free downloads.

AMD Current “Raise the Game” Bundles
(July 2020)
Video Card
(incl. systems and OEMs)
Radeon RX 5700 Series Godfall
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands
Radeon RX 5600 Series Godfall
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands
Radeon RX 5500 Series Godfall
Radeon RX 5300M None

As with past AMD offers, these bundles are also good for laptops and desktops including these video cards as well. So on the laptop side of matters, the RX 5500M qualify for the relevant bundles. In fact the only current-generation AMD video card not to get a bundled game of some type is the 5300M, their cut-down Navi 14 part.

Finally, as opposed to NVIDIA’s offer, AMD’s latest game bundle will be a much longer-lived event: the campaign is set to run through October 3rd. As always, you can check AMD’s website for a complete list of participating retailers and OEMs, along with information on how to redeem the vouchers.

Sources: NVIDIA & AMD

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