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NFTO Will Realize the Effective Connection Between Blockchain Technology and Artworks

SILVERDALE, Wash., May 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, NFTO announces that it has made a major breakthrough in promoting the NFTization and blockchainization of the world’s top artworks. NFTO Coin NFTO One is supported by the underlying technology of the world-renowned public chain Ethereum, combined with the world’s largest distributed data storage system BitTorrent, and developed a blockchain project dedicated to the NFT and blockchainization of the world’s top artworks. NFTO’s business includes sponsoring art museums, organizing art exhibitions or publications, setting up awards, supporting art creation and art criticism, and establishing related art collections. NFTO allows small businesses to create their own NFT malls without coding, helping NFT authors to easily issue NFTs and detect counterfeit/similar content for copyright protection purposes; It provides a platform for NFT collectors to conduct transactions at a lower cost. To NFTO’s vision Become the ARK Ark star project in the NFT field, become a bridge between the world’s top artists and the blockchain, and support the growth of native NFT artists in the crypto world To NFTO values Let art return to the masses.

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The establishment of NFTO is based on the background that NFT has become an industry boom, blockchain technology continues to develop in depth, and it is integrated into the real world to establish deeper and deeper links. At present, there are three application scenarios in the blockchain industry: one is the value transfer scenario; the other is the collaboration scenario; the third is the evidence storage scenario. NFT combines these three scenarios with its particularity. NFT is not only a new upsurge in the blockchain, but it is also very likely to be the breakthrough point for the industry to break through the bottleneck and achieve success. To NFTO will explore and promote the actual implementation of blockchain in different application scenarios through the practice of blockchain technology in the field of NFT, using traditional well-known artworks and well-known NFT artworks as the underlying assets to improve the industry standards of NFT transactions, and Government departments, universities, lawyers, and industry elites cooperate to support the introduction of relevant industry governance policies and promote the sound development of the industry. To In addition, the project will further improve its own construction, release the progress of the project every month, and publish the audit report every year. Industry professionals are welcome to supervise.

Introduction of project token
NFTO Token name: NFTO
Basic chain: ETH
Protocol standard: ERC20
Issue Date: 2021-05-25 ?
Targeted Issuing platform: Huobi and other mainstream digital currency exchanges

Planned circulation: 10,000,000,000 NFTO Distribution mechanism: artist cooperation, 30%, 3,000,000,000 pieces; Defi airdrop and mining, 19%, 1,900,000,000 pieces; team holding, 19%, 1,900,000,000 pieces; first listing, 2%, 2,000,000, 000, 000 Pieces; purchase of NFT works, 20%, 2,000,000,000 pieces; partners, 10%, 1,000,000,000 pieces.

Team introduction

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The NFTO project team is composed of practitioners with deep experience in blockchain, finance, and art, with a senior overseas financial management background, and works in top investment banks and investment institutions such as Fidelity and Nomura. Most of the members are traditional arts such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s. Industry practitioners.

Core technologies

NFTO is supported by the underlying technology of the world-renowned public chain Ethereum, combined with BitTorrent, the world’s largest distributed data storage system, plus the ERC-721/TRC-721 protocol, which not only maximizes security, but also rapidly improves global art Product market efficiency.

The technical logic to realize the NFTization of artworks is: After the directly generated digital works and traditional artworks are digitized, the relevant information, such as the author, creation time, the work itself, etc., are packaged and written into the BTFS decentralized storage system. Then write the stored address into the smart contract in the ERC721/TRC721 standard on the blockchain to generate a unique token. Because the creator and the digital file are permanently linked together, the uniqueness and authenticity are guaranteed.

NFTO is a project dedicated to linking blockchain technology with artworks to realize the popularization of art. The traditional art market has great value. With the blessing of blockchain technology, art and art can be NFTized. Assets have greatly increased. The project uses world-renowned artworks such as Picasso and Andy Warhol as asset backing, and at the same time is empowered by the technology of Ethereum, which is a living example of realizing blockchain technology to empower the real economy. As NFTO’s token NFT, it has the connotation of natural growth value. With the appreciation of artworks, the value continues to increase. It is the most worthy investment in the digital currency field. The market prospect is very good. It can not only achieve value preservation in the short term. Value-added has the potential for substantial growth in the long run.

Media Contact

Company: NFTO Ltd.

Contact: Yan Samton

Telephone: +1 24 020 200

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.nfto.one/

Address: 3901 Mutton Town Road, Silverdale, Washington

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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