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NFT and Digital Arts Festival- Alternative Reality to be Held at WOW Summit


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, The largest international NFT & Digital Arts Festival in the GCC region will be held in March in Dubai as part of the WOW Summit 2022. It will bring together an “Alternative reality” exhibition with NFT’s by world’s leading digital artists, curated collections of major and emerging marketplaces and galleries and special projects dedicated to Metaverse and contemporary digital art in virtual worlds. The festival will take place at the almost 10.000 square meters venue of the Burj Park at the very heart of Dubai.

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The “Alternative Reality” exhibition is dedicated to the influence of blockchain technologies and related phenomena on the development of contemporary art in the digital world. Daria Lomova, an art advisor and curator of the show, invited more than 20 artists from 14 countries, creating an international exposition that includes works of AES+F (Russia), Moreshin Allahyari (Iran/USA), Kristel Bechara (Lebanon), Joshua Brockett (USA), Edward Fornieles (UK), Claudia Hart (USA), Daniel Harper (UK), Huseyin Sahin (Turkey), Axl Le 乐 毅 (China), Soliman Lopez (Spain), Zoe Osborne (Barbados), Synticate (Russia), David Tedeyev (Russia), Andreas Wannerstedt (Sweden), Yuma Yanagisawa (Japan), Maxim Zhestkov (Russia), and others.

2021 was a defining year for NFT. After the first major sale of Beeple’s «Everydays: The First 5000 Days» at Christie’s, leading auction houses and art market participants turned their attention to the potential that NFT has. Digital artists and creators, some of whom have been digitally creating their works for over 20 years, have received a powerful tool to popularize their creativity. At the same time, authors working in traditional media adapt their works for their demonstration in virtual spaces, modifying the medium or combining techniques.

Modern artists become not only the creators of worlds in the literal sense of the word, creating visual content for the network and Metaverse, but also creators of new meanings and values ​​of the digital age of Web3. NFT art visionaries will go down in history as pioneers of creative thinking of a different order. Already now, authors fill their works with meanings and ideas that reflect global trends of the current time and will be significant in the future.

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“The ‘Alternative Reality’ exhibition brings together digital artists with an art world background and those who came to digital art from the field of design and already received recognition within the NFT community. In this way, we comprehend the impact of new technology on how artistic expressions and themes raised by contemporary creators are changing,” comments curator Daria Lomova.

NFT artworks presented at the exhibition cover five main themes depicting the most discussed topics of the Web3 world and economy: Metaverse, DeFi, Sustainability, Generative Art and the Future. Separate section will be dedicated to Collectibles, GameFi and VR objects. The NFTs created specially for the exhibition will be exclusively available for purchase in limited amounts at the WOW Summit.

World of Web3 (WOW) Summit organized by GuyWay events is taking place on the 13th to 16th of March at Burj Park. It aims to bring better awareness of Web3 technology to the local community and international guests. The second edition of the WOW Summit will research the phenomena of “Alternative Reality” in the light of the latest developments of the Blockchain industry.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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