NETGEAR Orbi Tri-Band Review


When it comes to internet access in the home, many devices overpromise and underdeliver but the NETGEAR WiFi mesh system under promises and over-delivers! With the NETGEAR WiFi mesh system, internet access is not a pain but a pleasure and it enables you to have unhindered internet access anytime, anywhere.

Easy to set up and install that works with all internet providers, the WiFi system covers all dead zones within your environment that give you perfect coverage in the home with coverage of up to 5,000 square feet. It offers all the security features that are not only standard but is also extensible to other security features. Such features include but are not limited to guest WiFi, VPN, a secure firewall and more.

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One-of-a-Kind Internet Access 

The NETGEAR Orbi Tri-band system offers the best when it comes to coverage, security, and efficiency.

With quick and easy-to-install features which allow for just about anybody to be able to set it up, the NETGEAR Orbi Tri-Band series of routers appear simple to use without allowing for all the geek-speak to get in the way.

Being able to manage several internet sources at once the NETGEAR WiFi mesh offers redundancy that enables for a seamless experience. 

With internet access optimization of devices by the firmware and a Smart Wifi management system, the NETGEAR Orbi- Tri-band system also comes with cyberthreat protection including Anti-virus, Anti-malware, fraud/phishing/ransomware security all across the network interface.

With all of these, what more can you ask for?


  • 5,000 square ft extension that enables seamless coverage for up to 25 devices with an extensible coverage of about 2,500 square feet,
  • Triband linkup allows for an active connection between the Orbi-router and the satellite thus allowing while at the same time freeing two bands up for other connected devices,
  • Connects to All types of internet connections and compatible with any internet provider,
  • Fast wired and wireless connectivity allowing for 1 GB (wired) and 3 GBPS wireless for high-speed applications (movies, streaming and so on),
  • Cyberthreat protection which includes NETGEAR ARMOUR (powered by Bitdefender, Anti Malware, Anti-Fraud, Anti-Phishing, Anti-ransomware),
  • Offset guest access,
  • Smart connect and WPA protocols including DOS, firewall, VPN,
  • Parental controls and filters,



  • Easy to install and setup,
  • Great coverage from the bedroom to basement,
  • Great Security,
  • Flexibility as per several internet sources,
  • Dedicated bands for devices allows for redundancy in the WiFi
  • Easy management and optimization of the wireless network,


  • Firmware updates can slow operations down,
  • Support issues due to customer load,
  • Dropped connections due to fluctuations in network speed,


The NETGEAR Orbi Tri-band Whole Home Mesh WiFi System is one system that can work for you if you understand how best it works. The system comes complete and out-of-the-box for management and control of internet access for families with all you need in one place!

Find more information, you can find out about it here.

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