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NEAR Protocol Financial Grant Greatly Broadens DePocket’s Already Vast Integration Network

PANAMA CITY, Panama, Nov. 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — This past week, the DePocket platform announced the acquisition of a substantial NEAR protocol financial grant. This immediately gave the platform the ability to build up and support NEAR ecosystems, creating convenient features, which will enable users to track their NEAR protocol portfolios within the DePocket dashboard. DePocket’s development team was ecstatic with this new integration and has already begun working to make NEAR’s features seamlessly available within the DePocket App as soon as possible.

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Currently in its private sale stage, Panama-based DePocket’s mission is to provide users with a highly comprehensive crypto portfolio & NFT management and platform. DePocket aims to lead the industry in convenience and user experience. The platform functions as a multi-chain, multi-wallet dashboard where users can monitor, manage, invest, swap and save any cryptocurrency and/or NFT assets in a single user-friendly, clean and concise platform.

The DEPO token will be the platform’s utility token with a total of only 21 million tokens in circulation. DEPO token holders may lock their tokens or become liquidity providers on decentralized platforms to earn yield. Furthermore, DEPO holders will have access to certain premium features of DePocket, as well as gain access to the decision-making process as the platform evolves.

In line with it’s core vision, DePocket has already implemented several functional features. Most notably, the platform has launched an APP with multi-address and multi-DeFi platform management functionality. Users can simply enter their wallet address and instantaneously monitor and manage cross platform assets in one clean, user-friendly interface in a highly intuitive dashboard.

Being developed and optimized for integration with decentralized assets on multi-blockchains, the platform already supports over 1,500 various DeFi assets across multiple chains. DePocket has already implemented several notable platforms, including but not limited to: Ethereum, BSC, Pancakeswap, Bakeryswap, Venus, Mdex, Autofarm and Alpaca Finance. With NEAR onboard, the platform now has its eyes set on Solana. DePocket plans to fully integrate Solana balances into the dashboard in Q4 of 2021.

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The company shows no plans of slowing down. They intend to continuously and vigorously expand its partnership network in line with the company’s vision and the growing needs of the crypto community. With cross platform asset management being at the forefront of DePocket’s priorities, the platform plans to integrate several relevant “quality of life” features. It is developing a YieldAggregator, a feature designed to provide users with the best prices across multiple DEXs when swapping tokens via the DePocket platform.

DePocket also aims to create a convenient, efficient and effective investing experience through a real time ranking system. Crypto staking and farming pools with high APY/APR on dApps will be ranked by DePocket, effectively improving the overall user experience as a result. Additional features of DePocket will include Auto-farming and Auto-staking where users can invest and check the daily PNL as well as On-chain API designed for developers to build their own project with DePocket’s API. The above listed developments are just some of the confirmed features of DePocket. The platform has made it clear that it will consistently pursue new innovations, integrations and utilities to enhance the user experience in line with its mission.

Feature diversity aside, Accessibility is another major priority for DePocket. In Q2 of 2022, the platform plans to launch as a fully functional mobile app on Android and IOS. Currently DePocket is web based. Users can easily access the app via any web browser at https://app.depocket.com/login. Once a wallet address is entered, users will have real time access to their crypto assets. DePocket utilizes this simple login feature to remain consistent with its “Convenience is King” philosophy.

In conclusion, the unprecedented growth of DeFi has led to a rapidly expanding and diversified marketplace. With every passing moment, investors and crypto-enthusiasts are finding greater difficulty in the management of their growing portfolios due to the expansive variety of independent blockchains and NFT assets. The DePocket platform is developing with these realities in mind and with the purpose of being a one-stop-shop platform for the 21st century crypto investor.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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