Must-have Windows and Mac utilities get new features


Regular readers will know that I’m a huge fan of Parallels software, with Parallels Toolbox and Parallels Access being two utilities that I turn to many times during the day.

Today sees these must-have utilities get upgraded with some cool new features.

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This is described as an all-in-one suite of time-saving utilities for Windows and Mac users, and this is so true. It offers a suite of over 30 tools, most of productivity and system health tools, all of which are super easy to user, and many do their job with a single click.

Added to the suite are the following:

  • Break Time: A reminder to take screen breaks, helping to prevent fatigue and burn-out.
  • Unit Converter: Does what it says on the tin — converts units of measurement and global currencies quickly and easily.
  • Enhanced Search: Find the tool you are looking for much quicker. A great way also to get to know the functionality offered.
  • Window on Top (Windows only): Keep the app window you use the most on top of all other open apps.
  • Window Manager (macOS only): Simply drag a window to the screen’s edge and the window will automatically resize to half, one-third or a quarter of the screen.
  • Show Desktop (macOS only): One-click way to clear your workspace. You can choose between “Hiding Applications” and “Closing Applications.”
  • Close Apps (Windows only): One-click way to close all apps and clear your workspace. You can choose to close, minimize, hide or force-quit apps.

Both Parallels Toolbox 4 for Windows and Parallels Toolbox 4 for Mac are available today as standalone products. Each annual license includes free updates of new and enhanced tools as they become available several times a year.

$20 at Parallels

Parallels Access 6 for Windows and Mac allows users to remotely access and work with up to five PC or Mac computers from an unlimited number of iOS and Android devices or HTML5 browsers.

New features in Parallels Access 6 included:

  • Personal Help: Help family and friends who ask you for help fixing their PC or Mac issues.
  • Bluetooth support for mice, trackpads, and gestures: In iPadOS 13.4 or later.
  • Android support for OneDrive and Google Drive: Available through Parallels Access File Manager.
  • Android edge-to-edge rendering and gestural navigation support: This makes the whole remote access process so much easier and natural.

Parallels Access 6 for Windows and Mac subscription are available for $19.99 per year or $34.99 for two years. A Business Plan is available for $49.99 per year and enables an IT administrator to create and manage an unlimited number of users who can each use one of five concurrent-user licenses from an unlimited number of mobile devices or HTML5 web browsers; additional five-packs of licenses are available for $49.99 per year.

View Now at Parallels

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