MSI gaming monitor functions perfectly after blocking a bullet

WTF?! Gaming peripheral makers always love to tout the quality of the materials they use in their products. However, as most PC gamers know, all it takes is one mistake to effectively throw hundreds of dollars down the drain – few high-end devices are truly immune to serious damage. Well, except for MSI’s Optix G27C2 monitor, apparently.

As reported by PC Gamer, gamer and streamer Eric Gan was rudely woken during the morning of March 4 by loud noises in his apartment.

Gan and his friend later discovered the source of the sounds: bullets, which were fired from somebody on the street toward the pair’s dwelling. Five shots entered Gan’s room (as well as his friend’s) through the windows and walls.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt. Most of the bullets flew harmlessly toward the ceiling and walls.

However, one bullet struck the back of Gan’s previously-mentioned MSI Optix G27C2 gaming monitor. Amazingly, not only does the monitor still function perfectly, but the bullet didn’t even penetrate it fully.

MSI gaming monitor functions perfectly after blocking a bullet 1

MSI certainly wasn’t going to waste the opportunity to accrue some positive PR. In a gesture of goodwill, the company reached out to Gan privately to offer him a replacement monitor and other MSI-related “swag.”

Regarding the shooting itself, Gan has reportedly been assured by police that the incident was random, and the result of a party that was happening across the street. Gan and his roommate were not being targeted.

Image courtesy Eric Gan

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