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Mosdex Will Now Support ERC20 USDT

London, UK, Nov. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — An update on its previous announcement and the most anticipated by users, Mosdex will now support ERC-20 Tether. From now on, Mosdex users can deposit or withdraw their USDT ERC-20 Tether. The latest update will also allow the users to receive USDT through their preferred channel involving Ethereum and Omni Network. Additionally, with the Ethereum network integration, users can benefit from high-speed transactions and low transaction fees.

Arbitrage has been a top and safe choice among crypto investors in the recent market situation. Arbitrage platforms like Mosdex aid investors to prevent risks and losses at times when the market struggles. Mosdex features important processes like DFCs (Distributed Financial Companies), DAMS (Digital Asset Management Systems), and 100 percent user security.

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Platforms like Mosdex made arbitrage trading accessible and safe for all its users. The platform is based on the PSM model or the Consumer Interest Sharing Model. This mechanism is based on profit sharing and utilizes the latest technology for creating a standalone and unique staking platform. The platform’s PSM model is also known to protect all user assets. With the PSM model, Mosdex users can effortlessly get their bitcoin assets in one place. Mosdex aids in eliminating issues associated with arbitrage trading, like high fees, thresholds, and transaction liquidity.

Along with the above benefits, Mosdex is always trying to make improvements for its users. Their latest announcement supporting ERC20 USDT aims to increase user accessibility and diversity on the Mosdex platform, a prime goal of the platform creators.

Here’s how you can deposit or withdraw ERC20 USDT from the Mosdex network.

Modex offers omnichannel network support for currencies like USDT

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The latest update is available for users to take advantage of. Here’s how users can use the platform for depositing and withdrawing funds:

  • Users can utilize their network of choice for depositing and withdrawing USDT.
  • The arbitrage platform will support ERC20 (Ethereum) or OMNI.
  • Every user’s wallet will show their overall account balance after the completion of the transaction.

A top perk of the system is that the user will not have to switch their network. The users will also have their funds ready in their wallets for immediate use.

After the user’s account reflects their USDT balance in their wallet, they can utilize it for multiple purposes per requirements. A Mosdex user can select from various options like accessing the arbitrage staking module, swapping using Tether from a network of choice, or BTC conversion.

Irrespective of the network the user utilized for depositing their USDT, one can withdraw USDT through any network per the user’s requirement. For instance, if a user is currently holding USDT they deposited using ERC20, the user can withdraw it through the Omni network, eliminating the conversion requirements USDT ERC-20

ERC20-USDT means Tether-issued USDT on the Ethereum network, compliant with Erc20 standard. When a user makes a USDT transfer, the user gets a choice of multiple types of chains available. During this point, the user has to choose Erc20 using Ethereum Erc20, depending on the network used for depositing or withdrawing USDT.

This is an interesting update from Mosdex after they announced their referral campaign. The bonus program ‘Invite Friends – Both Get Benefits’ aided new users to get exciting rewards on the crypto exchange platform after joining the Mosdex network through a referral policy. The program was well received by Mosdex users for offering around 30 USDT in rewards. Mosdex’s referral program encourages new users to be a part of the platform and generate passive income over time.

Explore the top Mosdex advantages 

The arbitrage platform Mosdex works on profit-sharing models and aids users to get a passive income over time. Mosdex offers multiple benefits as follows:

· The arbitrage platform aids users to generate profits by arbitraging through the blockchain-based platform utilizing machine learning in comparison to direct arbitrating.

· Their past announcement introducing a profit-sharing program supports Mosdex’s benefit-sharing model, allowing Mosdex users to share revenue evenly.

· The Mosdex platform utilizes a model incentivizing its customers who contribute to the platform’s growth and share revenue with Mosdex users.

The earlier announcement and the current update introducing ERC20 USDT will help Mosdex attract new users who can carry out trades on the advanced platform.

Important Note: All Mosdex users must note that the Ethereum USDT addresses start with ‘Ox.’ The platform creators make it mandatory to ensure the address before they deposit or withdraw their USDT. It is crucial as sending your USDT to an incorrect network or address can result in fund loss, and the Mosdex platform is not responsible for fund losses in such cases.

About Mosdex

Crypto arbitrage platform Mosdex automates and simplifies crypto management along with lowering overall costs. The unique platform utilizes ML and blockchain technologies, allowing Mosdex users to trade using their real-time analytics.

The company aims to offer a safe and user-friendly platform and easy exchange. It also aims to explore high-liquidity and high-yielding arbitrage staking projects.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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