Moongame Is Now Live on PancakeSwap

WARRINGTON, United Kingdom, Nov. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With the completion of pre-sale 2, Moongame is now live on PancakeSwap, CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Moongame is an iGaming platform based on the Binance smart chain (BSC) that allows users to participate in games and earn. The platform has devised many attractive games and earning opportunities to ensure players have fun while still earning rewards.


All the games in the system are built on blockchain technology to ensure there is transparency and fairness. Blockchain also provides a connection with off-chain betting systems that come with many advantages such as easy scaling, easy incorporation of new games, minimum participating capital, instant trading, and small commissions. Since security is a concern for most gaming platforms, Moongame has high-level encryption of the login systems.

Moongame is built on the Binance smart chain ecosystem, which is a multi-use ecosystem with a large number of users. It has many unique features such as feature-rich games, Placing bets, jackpots, high rate dividends, a user account portal, VIP line systems, 30% cashback, and on-demand support. The outstanding feature of the platform is that it gives users multiple revenue streams such as Hold to earn Bnb (8.5% total transactions fee), Play to earn, Stake to earn, and farm to earn. Most of the transaction fees are distributed as dividends to BnB holders. This gives players plenty of opportunities to get started.

The native currency of the ecosystem is the Moon Game Token (MGT). Users need the token to play, invest, stake, farm, and be part of any game. More so, new users can benefit from the platform’s various systems through diversified investment opportunities, such as cashback and rank rewards.

Staking is whereby one deposits money for a fixed period to get rewards; for MGT it’s 500% APR. In Moongame farming, a player farms their Moongame tokens with various platforms to gain profits. Here it’s 1000% APR.

Moongame reflection is where holders of the MGT earn from the transaction costs. The tax fee in the transaction cost is converted to BnB and distributed to holders. With the cashback system, all active users participating in a particular game receive up to 30% of the token when the game gets a high rating. In Moongame Swap, players can directly swap their different tokens and get rewarded in their tokens of choice.

When one buys the Moongame token, they are automatically added to the redistribution list. That means they are always in the queue for 8.5% distribution until the list is exhausted. 2% of all transactions are added to the liquidity pool. 4% of all transactions in the ecosystem are added to the buyback wallet. The process is done manually, after which all buyback tokens are burned. 1.5% of all transactions are added into the marketing wallet, where they are locked.

Unlike other gaming platforms where one has to convert money in different games to join or make a purchase, one can use the Moongame currency throughout the ecosystem. Players can use the money earned in one game to buy another game. The unified currency makes it easy to play and earn money from games. At the same time, players can get more returns when the value of the token increases.

Moongame uses a friendly interface for a great user experience. It features a dApp dashboard with a suite of tools for buying, selling, and holding tokens. It is compatible with all devices and is updated from time to time for a great experience. With the dApp, you can claim your BnB reflections before distribution.

Moongame recently completed its second pre-sale, and it raised a hard cap of 1200BNB, which led to a total hard cap of $600,000. MGT is available in PancakeSwap but is listed on many Dexs. Moongame listed on CoinMarketCap in 12 hours, listed on CoinGecKo, and will be listed on Hotbit on Nov 25th.

In 2022, the company plans to expand the game platform for game developers to build games on the MoonGame platform. At the same time, it will launch its own NFT game.

In the same year, the company is working on developing three features simultaneously: MGTPay, MGT Wallet, and MGT – IDO Gaming Platform.

About Moongame

Moongame is an iGaming platform that combines the world of gaming and finance to give players a chance to have fun while earning. It is based on the Binance smart chain and has multi-functionalities for play-to-earn, staking, farming, and holding to earn.

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