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MODA Announces ‘OWN THE MUSIC’ The Music3 Launch Party

A World-First Event on June 21 at Brooklyn Mirage With deadmau5, NERO and Noizu

Celebrating overdue change in the music industry, set to be the biggest party of the week during NFT.NYC, MODA DAO and EMANATE co-host ‘OWN THE MUSIC’ – combining deeply integrated Web3 visuals and collectible music drops with a full-scale live show.

NEW YORK, June 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MODA DAO in association with emanate.live, Orb Marketplace, mau5trap, Techne & 2808 Recording are hosting the biggest music celebration and party during NFT.NYC week. Featuring performances by deadmau5, NERO, Noizu, Daniel Allan and BRUX, the OWN THE MUSIC event on Tuesday June 21 at the Brooklyn Mirage will be a celebration of digital music by icons of the industry and titans of the electronic genre.

OWN THE MUSIC at the Brooklyn Mirage, one of New York City’s most sought after nightlife venues, will cater to musicians, producers, collectors, fans, tech-forward record labels and artists from across the globe. Collectible digital music will be released on the event day, made streamable on emanate.live and tradable via the event sponsor Orb marketplace, while Volta.xr control the visuals on the 85m wide LED screen.

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MODA will launch their Music3 framework on the night, with collectible Audio Genesis releases premiered by the headline artists; the first time that iconic new and back-catalog electronic releases have been made available, from artists of this caliber, in this new collectible industry-ready digital format.

“Music in the Web3 space is so new, often referred to as the ‘wild west,” said Sean Gardner, Co-Founder of Emanate.live. “With the Music3 framework, we have a way to collect digital music again, bringing the digital age to the old crate-digging culture of first-press vinyl and promo edition records. This technology will bring in a golden era for music creators and will create a new bond between artists and their fans. This is the start of a new era.”

The event brings together a close group of artists, friends and industry teams with decades of stories and collaborations, alongside thousands of fans and collectors in the heart of Brooklyn alongst one of the city’s biggest technology events.

“Our team has been alongside MODA and Emanate from the beginning. We’re thrilled to see the launch of these digital music releases. The fans are starting to understand why this movement is important and what it means to own the music again,” says Dean Wilson, CEO of Seven20, deadmau5’ longtime manager and business partner in 720mau5.

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Pre-sale tickets go on sale from Tuesday the 7th June, 4pm ET time. A limited number of VIP tables and sponsorship opportunities available for enquiry via the event website https://www.moda.audio/nyc.

The Brooklyn Mirage party will follow an event that MODA will host at Consensus 2022 in Austin. The MODA team will be partnering with ATX DAO for “Keep Austin Web3” taking place on June 10 to help bring together digital music enthusiasts to host open discussions around Web3 technology and what it means for the future of music.

Learn MoreFor more information, visit the event website https://www.moda.audio/nycFor tickets: https://link.dice.fm/L9eb3f470759

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.