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Metaverse’s New Infrastructure, NLoot, may Become an Explosion

NEW YORK, Sept. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, New Loot (NLoot) has announced an explosive upgrade of Loot, which will eventually become the foundation of the future gaming world. In the future, it will be an expandable section of other game projects. NLoot has created a fair token distribution system. Users can airdrop or mark NLootNFTs. To obtain NLT tokens, players can vote to add items to the NLootNFT arsenal through NLT tokens.

In just one week, Loot became the most popular project in the NFT field. The entire Ethereum ecosystem was attracted by it, and it also triggered a frenzy of social and trading activities that has never been seen in the NFT industry.

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This time Loot appeared in front of people at an incredible speed. It is undeniable that many investors still feel confused and feel that they have missed this opportunity. But I want to tell everyone that the new New Loot will be launched soon. It is based on Loot. Evolutionary upgrade is definitely a key project worthy of attention. Let’s take a look at it together.

NLoot NFT Evolution

As Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin said in a recent tweet, Loot already exists as the foundation of the game.

As the leader of programmable NFT, Loot provides a model of how to grow rapidly for other meta-universe projects, setting a good precedent.

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The biggest highlight of NLoot is to become a part of the game on the chain. The gameplay behind it is to allow players to interact through the chain through multiple NFTs to complete the game hero upgrade. NLoot is a great new game paradigm, which is completely different from the previous chain games. It will affect not only the game in the future, but also the organization of the entire meta-universe.

The first time NLOOTNFT players can mint 10,000 pieces for free, you only need to pay the GAS fee. The maximum supply is dynamic, with an increase of 1,000 pieces per month. The 1-20th of each month is the voting period of NLTDAO. After the remaining time, the equipment created by the player is added to Asenku, and then the player will be able to forge 1,000 lofty feet and new equipment.

NLoot NFT Up-time

Many people missed the Loot casting event, so you must not miss NLoot! Please keep in mind the NLoot planning route shown in the above picture, which may affect your lifetime wealth. On September 28, NLoot will release the token contract and start the airdrop activity as scheduled! At that time, please enter the official website to participate: https://www.nloot.net/, and please look for the official contract address: 0x05EC559f1B8371B446Cbb6D29A39818Ab9c679C9

Because we are currently in the early stages of the NFT explosion, every new concept is a precious opportunity, and we also hope that anyone can seize this opportunity, https://t.me/NLootOfficial, we welcome everyone to surround yourself NLoot conducts community building and game construction work. The emergence of NLoot has important historical significance. In the future, it will occupy an important position in the meta-universe ecology, so it is worthy of everyone’s participation.

NLoot will gradually advance to the global market, which is also very easy, because NLoot has the characteristics of extreme deflation, and at the same time has upgraded the algorithm, holding funds automatically share dividends, the longer the user holds, the stronger the formation Consensus is good for the wealth growth of all participants.

NLoot will also issue 80 million NLT tokens, of which 10% will be airdropped to the top 10,000 NLoot NFT holders, and NLT holders can also decide on the development of the project, or participate in liquidity mining, and continue to develop NLoot NFT Ecology, forming a complete meta-universe game infrastructure. If you want to learn more, you can read the white paper on the official website.


At this moment, many people have not fully understood the value of NLoot. This is your opportunity. The emergence of NLoot will definitely subvert the perception of the entire market.

At present, NFT will soon enter the explosive growth stage. The emergence of NLoot has opened a new era of NFT composability. In the future, a new meta-universe game infrastructure will be born. NLT is the only token asset in the current NLoot ecosystem. After consensus precipitation and the emergence of application scenarios, the value will be highlighted..

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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