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Metadatacity Announces the IEO of Metaverse Hub MDC Coin

SEOUL, South Korea, May 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Jang Jin-Woo, president of Metadatacity Co., Ltd., announces the IEO of Metaverse Hub MDC Coin, the payment method for its Metaverse Hub Metadatacity (http://www.metadatacity.com/) ecosystem. The MDC Coin will be issued through mdcc365.com and other major coin exchanges with the volume 1 billion coins and $0.08 listing price.

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Jang Jin-Woo addresses that blockchain-based metaverse is a new paradigm – an evolution of the Internet. Past the era of central WEB 2.0, which has led the market so far, it is predicted that the 3D virtual space based on WEB 3.0 combined with the decentralized blockchain-based technology will dominate the era.

The biggest problem with WEB 2.0 has been pointed out by many users to the unfair market where information can be acquired or sold in return under the indirect control of a de facto large portal for the provision of security and personal information. As an alternative, the blockchain-based demand for enhanced security and strict control over the leakage of personal information is the key to a major paradigm shift beyond the trust of users (users) who are tired of providing personal information, Jang said.

In addition, the user’s content needs have reached a level that is not satisfactory with web 2.0-level text and video. And users are forced to prefer high-definition, 3D spaces such as 3D games, VR (virtual reality), and AR (augmented reality), which are very immersive, so the longer the stay in the virtual space increases, and the existing data is likely to become useless outside of archival materials.

The NFT market will also be 3D in content, and the NFT market, which is currently only active in the field of sound sources and works of art, will expand to all areas such as travel, culture, entertainment, and real estate entitlements. The Metadata City (MDC Coin) ecosystem will serve as a gateway to all metaverse content and data worldwide.

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Mr. Jang believed that this paradigm shift was coming, and above all, it was necessary to have a data center that could effectively process high-capacity data, and accordingly, a direct data center based on IPFS was built in the Daejeon-Yuseong-gu Daejeongro 28beon-ahngil 71 Metahub Building. Mr. Jang said that Dr. Na Jung-sik (Global CTO) of Metadatacity is in charge of all the data management metaverse hubs, or gateway technology parts.

Dr. Na Jung-sik is a blockchain doctor at Victor University in the United States and is currently the president of the Association of Blockchain Coordination Associations.

Jang Jin-Woo said that one of the visions of the MDC Coin ecosystem is that within this year, a blockchain-based decentralized cryptocurrency exchange will be based in Singapore. And agents will be established around the world. On May 10, MDC Coin will also be listed on blockchain-based highly secure exchanges, including foruex.com, dbaagent.com and coredax.com.

The decentralized exchange is blockchain-based, characterized by security and low brokerage fees. And it will become a major pillar of cryptocurrency transactions around the world, which will be a decisive moment for the MDC coin ecosystem to expand the global market. And Metadatacity Co., Ltd., the organizer of the issuance of MDC coin, will grow into a mega-unicorn company representing Korea, and is establishing a direct local corporation in New York, Vancouver, Singapore and the Philippines first.

Through the Metaverse Hub, the company has a blueprint to bring Asia’s culture and content to the world, and by the middle of May, it will build and finalize a community in each of Asia.

On May 16, 2022, at the Grand Ballroom in Samseong-dong, COEX, Seoul, the IEO Memorial Metaverse Hub MDC Coin Ecosystem Vision Declaration Ceremony and Celebration Event will be broadcast live around the world through the real-time YouTube ‘Datacitywemarket’, and ‘Metadatacity’ channel.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.