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Metacap Creating the Linking Bridge Between Web3.0 and the Sports Sector

MetaCup is an innovative project that exploits the hobbies of football adorers thereby providing them an opportunity to earn $MCUP token through watching football games, betting, playing, and staking in the Metaverse together with a great chance to hold the multi-utility MetaCup PASS NFT.

Istanbul, Turkey, Oct. 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Imagine a project that pays one for their hobbies. The existence of such a project sounds impossible yet alluring. Previously, a claim like this might have been out of the question, but not anymore. The rapid adoption of digital assets by the youth together with the amalgamation of Web 3.0 with the sports industry has given life to this idea which was previously considered unrealistic. The use of Web 3.0 in the sports sector has not only changed its structural framework but also the direction of the flow of resources and wealth. MetaCup is one exceptional, newly birthed project that understands this concept and aspires to create a Metaverse solely for Football fans where their hobbies become a source of great value to them.

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Football Metaverse

Web 3.0 in the sports sector is specially designed to ameliorate the number of individuals achieved by using the core concepts of ‘value’ and ‘interest’ to entice a great array of different individuals. Web 3.0 not only improvises user experience but also makes use of individual’s hobbies to provide them with earning opportunities. The combined effect of interest and value is tremendous that not only helps retain existing users but also attracts new ones.

MetaCup Verse

MetaCup brings GameFi, Socialfi, and football games under a single Metaverse roof. Here, users can watch football games that are being streamed live. Moreover, individuals get a unique opportunity to interact with and befriend new people. With these online friends, one can chat in the live streaming room about their favorite football topics or challenge them to matches. These are not merely leisure time pursuits but one can hope to earn tokens by engaging in these activities.

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Innumerable Earning Opportunities

In MetaCup one can hope to find earning opportunities at every corner. The official governing token ($MCUP) of MetaCup can be earned by merely watching football games. This opportunity can easily be availed by all those holding MetaCup PASS NFT, the Utility NFT of the project.

By accessing the website or App of MetaCup people can participate in the betting that takes place on live matches. One can put money on the team of their choice and if it wins, they will receive rewards accordingly. Not only this but inviting friends and family members to participate in the bet also holds rebate rewards.

A great source of passive income is always relished. MetaCup provides a sublime passive earning opportunity for its users that can be availed through staking. Users can stake both $MCUP tokens and MetaCup PASS NFT to earn. The number of tokens earned is proportional to the time for which they are staked.

An exhilarating share to earn opportunity offered by the MetaCup can also serve as a source of earning for people. By simply inviting people to MetaCup through the use of promoting links can get them to attain up to 20% commissions.


The MetaCup PASS NFT is the official utility token of the company. Holders of this NFT may benefit from countless opportunities that are offered. Users taking part in the $MCUP IDO will be the first ones to be given a chance to purchase this NFT PASS. Advantages associated with this digital asset include earning tokens by watching matches, socializing in live chat rooms, becoming a part of exclusive games, and last but not least staking.

Thriving Tokenomics

With a total supply of 1 Billion $MCUP tokens, the project plans to allocate 2% for private sale, 20% for IDO, 4% for the team, 4% for marketing, 8.24% for staking, 30% for Bet-to-Earn, 5% for social earn, 5% watch-to- earn, 10% for play-to-earn and 11.76% for liquidity.

Secured Through Multiple Audits

From time to time, many crypto projects have turned to ruins, taking with them heavy public investments due to exploitation by developers. MetaCup is KYC-audited and holds a SAFU badge. These badges and audits are bound to secure client trust in this ultimate project, thereby attracting an influx of investors.

Furthermore, the MetaCup project has not only passed the KYC, but the MetaCup team is also completely doxxed.

Potential holders and crypto enthusiasts interested in MetaCup can visit the project’s official website or read the official whitepaper.

Check out the following links for further information:

Website | Telegram | Twitter | YouTube


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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.