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MemeBank Announces its Airdrop Launch


LONDON, March 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, MemeBank has announced it airdrop launch. On May 19, 2021, the daily trade volume of cryptocurrencies reached all-time high at USD $516.21bn, marking yet another milestone of the popularization of decentralized finance. As of Q1 2022, there are over 380 crypto exchanges operating around the world, providing small businesses a new channel of financing as well as an under-regulated form of listing. With that said, there are fierce competitions between exchanges as many more want to take a cut in this, and most of them have found it challenging to differentiate their products and services.

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MemeBank is one of the blackhorses in the industry, a Web3 cryptocurrency exchange laser focuses on the Generation Z investors which just announced its airdrop event on March 15th, 2022.

Unlike existing crypto exchanges, MemeBank pledged to become the crypto exchange of the young grassroot investors. For starters, MemeBank distributes 100% of the trading fee back to the community to reward token holders and incentivize trades.

What’s more? MemeBank recently announced their “Tryer Program”, an event novel to the industry which rewards users by the investment losses they make. In a nutshell, MemeBank provides each user a minimum of $10 as startup funds, if a user manages to make a 80% loss of the startup fund in one month, he/she can cashout the full amount of the startup fund. One of the co-founders of MemeBank stated that the Tryper Program is an effort to encourage beginners to participate in trading as many of them usually quit after making the first loss. “At Memebank, users can build their portfolio with our money”, he added.

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MemeBank is not only friendly to investors but to projects who are having a hard time finding listing opportunities. Most large-scale exchanges require redundant application procedures and charge high listing fees that are often unaffordable by startup projects. By comparison, MemeBank charges no listing fees, instead, projects can be listed on MemeBank when it raises a sufficient amount of votes. This allows users to find more investment options with high growth potentials that are not available at most exchanges.

MemeBank looks to achieve a perfect balance between functionalities and convenience. The UIs are simplified to be easy to comprehend with all basic trading functions made available. In addition, MemeBank provides smart trading bots to $MBK holders for free.

When users are sleeping, working or studying, the trading bots will work in their stead to track the performance of their holdings. MemeBank’s trading bots gather and analyze quantitative measures as well as qualitative reviews and credit scores published by the third parties. Empowered by MemeBank’s self-developed AI algorithm, the trading bots can safeguard their portfolio from systematic and most unsystematic risks.

When asked about the future plan of MemeBank, the co-founder said, ” We will continue working with our investors and media partners to further expand our user-base and project pool”. Scrolling through MemeBank’s roadmap, we also noticed that an official NFT release is in planning which incorporates an interesting upgrade mechanism.

The smart contract of MemeBank’s sovereign token, a.k.a $MBK, has already been audited by Certik as of March 15th, 2022.

MemeBank is currently offering Free $MBK Airdrop as well as other early-bird benefits. Feel free to take a look at their Free BTC Faucet as well to get a taste of holding Cryptos, MemeBank’s Faucet gives away $500 worth of Bitcoins per hour, don’t miss out on that.

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Brand: MemeBank

Contact: Alec Rubal

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: www.memebank.com

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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