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MegaFans Offers Cryptocurrencies and NFTs as Prizes Within Mobile Gaming Platform

Play-to-earn Mobile eSports Tournaments Offer Digital Currencies, Non-Fungible Tokens, Cash and Prizes

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MegaFans, a mobile gaming company headquartered in Southern California, announced it is offering cryptocurrencies and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) in addition to digital prizes and collectibles for their eSports tournament games beginning October 2021.

The eSports tournaments will be played across the world on mobile phone and tablets with three games featuring the new prize pools: Candy Boo, Crash N Win and Tunnel Tournament. All of the MegaFans games are published and can be downloaded on the Apple App and Google Play stores. They can also be accessed from the company website, www.MegaFans.com.

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The NFTs can be earned, won, bought and traded within Megafans games and community on their website. The tokens will include illustrations, animations and collectibles of in-game characters and other virtual objects.

MegaFans is building the world’s first mobile eSports gaming community using blockchain cryptocurrency and NFTs in a play-to-earn environment where 2.8 billion daily active mobile gamers can participate in a metaverse, exchanging and trading assets that change in value.  MegaFans recently joined the Launchpool Labs incubator program where they are receiving strategic and technical support to help grow their new community of gamers and collectors.

“There are nearly 3 billion daily active mobile gamers in the world and they are all welcome to play, win and have fun with the MegaFans community,” says Jeff Donnelley, founder and CEO of MegaFans and he continues, “MegaFans is on a mission to create a safe, supportive and inclusive environment where anyone can compete in massive multiplayer eSports tournaments across the globe. We call it eSports for All!”

Donnelley has been building and growing eGaming companies for 22 years. He created two advertising and media companies around the industry, and he has consulted for and partnered with household technology brands such as DraftKings, Ubisoft, Jam City and World of Tanks.

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Megafans offers free-to-play (F2P) and pay-to-play (P2P) options that run from quick, one-minute games up to monthly tournaments with the largest prize pools. The prize pools will scale up as the community participation grows over time and players win virtual tokens, which can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies, NFTs, gifts and cash. MegaFans uses a leaderboard format that allows unlimited players to participate, no matter what skill level or geo-location.

About Megafans

MegaFans (Mobile eSports Gaming Fanatics) is building the world’s first global, mobile eSports community where 2.8 billion daily active users can play-to-earn and collect real world prizes such as cryptocurrency, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), collectibles and cash. MegaFans offers turnkey solutions for mobile game developers that increase monetization and retention by enriching the players experience. MegaFans mantra is “eSports for All!” which focuses on underserved markets around the world. Links to MegaFans social media and company channels can be found at https://linktr.ee/megafans


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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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