Loto del Svr: The Botanical Experience


Loto del Sur is the result of the extensive exploration of South American natural ingredients mixed with modern formulations for the skin and wellbeing.

Their variety of products are an homage to the Royal Botanical Expedition to New Granada that took place between 1783 and 1816 in the territories of New Granada, covering present-day Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Venezuela, Peru, northern Brazil and western Guyana. The look and feel of the brand has a nostalgic remembrance to the illustrations made by the head of the expedition José Celestino Mutis.

The Colombian beauty brand resurrects the rituals of colonial era Latin America, and the legacy of indigenous regions, and the legacy of indigenous regions. All this knowledge was passed down to many generations who trusted their health and well being to medicinal plants. Loto del Svr combines this knowledge and dives even deeper into the botanical power of the plants, through the hand of science.

The brand promises to set the bar for a new age of sustainable products in the region, that are conscious about their testing while respecting nature. This is evident in every product: from skincare, body, and curated formulations for relaxation and self care. Their products are silicone, parabens free, cruelty free and source local: exotic and avant-garde ingredients like Prickly pear, Drumstick tree, sacha inchi, and Croton lechleri, among others.

Written by Vivian Pérez for Trendland.

Written by Vivian Pérez for Trendland.


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