Linux Foundation Launches Training Course for Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Technology

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The Linux Foundation is a non-profit organization which, according to its website, “supports the creation of sustainable open source ecosystems by providing financial and intellectual resources, infrastructure, services, events, and training.”  The organization aims to provide an array of blockchain courses, catering to a job demand.

Blockchain Courses

The Linux Foundation offers blockchain focused education services including the ‘Blockchain for Business’ course. It saw over 100,000 students take its free introductory ‘Hyperledger’ course last year, and now it is eager to add to its blockchain courses.

The organization has developed and, as of yesterday, opened enrollment for its new advanced training course in ‘Hyperledger Fabric blockchain technology.’

According to Linux’s Clyde Seepersad:


“After seeing more than 100,000 students take our free introductory Hyperledger course, we knew it was time for more advanced training options, and certification exams to demonstrate the extent of professionals’ knowledge.”

Blockchain Engineers are in Demand

The course aims to develop the next wave of certified blockchain engineers ready to work in a field that is “the second-fastest growing in today’s labor market.”

Clyde expressed that because this industry is growing so fast, there is “a shortage of professionals who are qualified to implement and manage [the technology] on an enterprise scale.”

The new advanced course will allow students to learn the fundamentals of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. This is in tandem with “the core architecture and components” that are imperative to decentralized Hyperledger Fabric applications.

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Jobs Everywhere

The blockchain industry is booming so it is no surprise to see a demand for engineers. We have heard of countless countries implementing the technology on a broader scale and willing major corporations to use it.

Large universities are also offering blockchain courses and crypto-currency related courses to try to prepare for an industry that will no doubt need an extensive work-force.

If you were unsure of a career path for yourself, blockchain technology may just be a smart move.

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