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Latest AI-driven Blockchain Project, ALL IN, Appointed to Build Oracle-001 Program

All In is a futuristic crypto project that will build the Oracle-001 AI bot to blow life into the STARL Metaverse.

LONDON, UK, March 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Artificial intelligence (AI) is transfiguring the world in unimaginable ways. Every industry which has included the use of AI in its system has witnessed exponential growth. The recent incorporation of AI in the crypto sector has also yielded fruitful results. New crypto firms that make use of AI are springing up every day. Among these is ALL IN, a state-of-the-art project that aids users in making the most out of their investments by utilizing complex AI algorithms, data analytics, and machine learning techniques.

STARL Selects ALLIN To Build Its Oracle-001 Program

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Under its managerial services, ALL In has been entrusted with the task of creating the Oracle-001 program. Oracle-001 is an AI model that will blow life into the STARL Metaverse by creating PALs (Physics Altering Lifeforms).

PALs will in turn help uplift the Warp Nexus’s Lore (a STARL metaverse-based game portal). All In, is working in close association with the experts at STARL to introduce real-world AI technology into the Metaverse.

ALL IN Ecosystem – Overview

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All In is a superlative cryptocurrency project that exploits artificial intelligence to maximize the returns offered to investors. The project aspires to improvise and continually make changes to its ecosystem by updating its technology and by keeping user feedback in view.

An adept team of individuals at All In is tirelessly working to create new and innovative utilities. This not only promotes mass adoption of blockchain technology but also boosts activity on the platform.

All In understands that greatness can only be attained by working closely and in harmony with each other. To achieve this end, the project has introduced an Ethereum-based token, called ALLIN. The token will be utilized in the All In ecosystem and help bring together people of different races.

All In believes that success becomes inevitable if the focus is on community growth, feedback, iteration, and utility development. ALLIN Ecosystem serves its users with the following features:

  • Provision of Intelligent Tools: All In offers AI-driven tools that allow individuals to make well-weighed decisions. These tools further aid users in interacting and collaborating with the community to attain the desired positions.
  • A Chance To Own Unique NFT Collections: The All In Blockchain extends a great opportunity for NFT lovers to purchase NFTs and enjoy the benefits that tend to tag along with their possession.
  • Decentralized Exchange (DEX): All In offers a decentralized exchange that is well-equipped with the latest AI bots, supports all kinds of digital assets, and allows an inter-chain transfer of data.

ALL IN Tokenomics

All In imposes a 4% tax on all purchases and sales. The tax collected from transactions is utilized for developmental and marketing purposes.

ALLIN token has a total supply of just 1 million. A low maximum supply indicates that the token has the potential to attain greater heights. Investors also enjoy a rational distribution of ALLIN tokens.

The token is deflationary in nature and has no limitations on the maximum amount of wallet transactions that can be made. The restriction was lifted once the ownership of the project was renounced.

The contract status of All In was renounced as soon as the project was launched, to uphold the key object of decentralization. To increase the sense of security among investors, the project has locked its liquidity pool until it meets its objectives and enters the list of sustainable projects.

Team Visibility

For better understanding among community members and to resolve queries of investors, ALL In has launched a voice chat, where users can interact with fellow members and the managing team of the project.The founding and managing team of ALL In can also be contacted via all social media platforms.


Artificial intelligence has the power to revolutionize any sector of the world. All In aims to harness that potential for the benefit of investors and everyday traders. Invest now and secure great returns.

Furthermore, potential crypto investors and AI enthusiasts interested in ALL IN can visit the project’s official website, or read the litepaper for more details.

About ALL IN

ALL IN is an Ethereum blockchain token centered on uniting people in a welcoming and supportive community. The team has built an engagement-centric experience for users by introducing utility features, open Telegram voice chats, and allowing direct access to the project developer, as well as stakeholders.

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