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Jupiter Project Presents ‘Metis Messenger’ the Decentralized Chat App

 That Syncs Across All Platforms

NEW YORK, July 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, Jupiter Project, the open-source software that powers secure dApps on public and private networks, has launched a fully encrypted, decentralized communication application that is not controlled by centralized organizations or government.

According to research, there are currently around 3,6k decentralized applications (dApps) globally, ranging from gaming and gambling to DeFi and media, and so on. This shows that the web3 space is gaining a lot of traction.

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Over the years, data privacy has become a major issue on social media platforms. Now, central servers are posing a big threat to privacy as the government, organizations and even hackers utilize chat apps to access user’s private information and chat history without their consent. This is all due to the lack of a simplistic group messaging service that supports strong end-to-end encryption. Hence, there’s an urgent need for consumers to acquire data management authority over their messaging and file transfer. Well, thanks to Metis messenger — the secure blockchain group messaging and file sharing application, it is providing a 100% private, completely encrypted, decentralized chatting service that sync across all platforms.

Complete control over data privacy

Jupiter Project — the decentralized blockchain project that enables NFTs, messaging, DEX, file sharing, decentralized voting, and so on, has created Metis Messenger to serve as an innovative solution to the issues of data privacy breaches. Metis utilizes JSON formatting and military-grade encryption to ensure the safety and security of each message on the platform. The secured network combines cryptographic security with two-layer authentication.

Jupiter’s vision is to build an affordable application layer to scaffold data storage from blockchain-enabled apps to seamlessly store, replicate, and encrypt the stored data.

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With Jupiter blockchain, there are no central servers to store information about users. Every message sent through Metis Messenger is fully encrypted with AES encryption and can only be read by group members. Users are not required to provide any personal information while signing up on the Metis. This way it solves the issue of lack of privacy that users face when using WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram.

Jupiter Project’s products

  • Gravity

Jupiter’s framework for dApp creation. Through Gravity, any organization or individual can build and create custom dApps within minutes.

  • Fndr

Flexible and secure (AES-256 bit encryption) password manager that gives you complete control of your account information.

  • Decentralized Git

Confidently store your git repositories to power your project forever without fear of removal, loss, or outages.

  • Leda

The official marketplace for NFTs on Jupiter.

Create, sell, or collect digital items secured with blockchain.

  • Dec-auth

Decentralized authentication for the beginnings of Jupiter web3 integration and Metamask-like browser extension and applications.

In a big leap to blockchain ingenuity, Metis Messenger — the flagship decentralized application built on Gravity and curated by Sigwo Technologies, is facilitating user’s data privacy by defaulting to locally encrypting all online interactions before sending any message. This way, anyone can log into any of the Metis instances with their credentials and get to recover all past conversations.

Additionally, Metis does not only provide increased data privacy but also a profitable platform for all users. For sending and storing messages, users earn the platform’s native token – JUP, operated on a private Jupiter’s blockchain and bundled by AES 256 military-grade encryption for improved security. Recently, JUP was listed on KuCoin — one of the leading cryptocurrencies and is also trading on two most active decentralized exchanges — Uniswap and Pancake.

Benefits of Metis Messenger

Take control of your data

Chat without annoying ads, data mining, and AI listening.

Fully anonymous

No personal information will ever be required.


Your privacy is in your hands.

Secured Network

Combining Cryptographic security with two-layer authentication for ultimate security.

Applications such as LEDA begin operation Q2 2021, Callisto begins operation Q3 2021 and other major products are to begin operation from the second to the final quarter of the year. Jupiter Project dev team are looking forward to achieving major milestones with its realistic and innovative roadmap in order to bring more opportunities to its community.

Interestingly, Metis can be leveraged by military, government agencies or corporate to counter data security threats. With Metis, everyone has power over their privacy. No advertising, data mining, or AI listening during private online communication.

Metis Messenger is now available on the App store. Metis is scheduled to be available on Android and Container operating systems in the third and fourth quarter of 2021.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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