Jose’ Fonte and Eder become the First Footballers in the World to Launch NFTs

EURO 2016 champions have produced unique and authentic digital art pieces to be auctioned online starting today 

Lisbon, 7 May 2021 – European champions and Portuguese Internationals José Fonte and Éder are the first two footballers worldwide to launch their own Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), creating unique and authentic digital art pieces that will be auctioned online. The two NFTs were made in partnership with Jedi3 and part of the revenues raised through the auction will revert to social and community support. The creations will be auctioned on the well-known platform of NFTs, OpenSea, starting today and can be found here: 

The creative concept of both pieces was developed by the athletes themselves together with the project Jedi3. Fonte focused his illustration on his career path and all the obstacles he had to overcome in order to become an international player and win EURO 2016. Eder’s piece is a digital creation of the boot he used to score the winning goal for Portugal in the final of the European Championship against France. 

In this first launch, there will be: 

  • 10 limited digital editions of Éder’s right boot that scored the Euro final goal, in a digital 3D version; 
  • 10 limited digital editions of an illustration that represents the path followed by José Fonte until the title in the Euro; 
  • Furthermore, a “masterpiece” of Éder’s boot that will give the right to the digital item plus the real boot he used to score the winning goal in the final. 

The auction started today on the Open Sea platform and will last for a week and all transactions will be made in Ethereum cryptocurrency. Fonte and Eder follow in the footsteps of NFL and NBA players who have already participated in the creation of NFTs. 

José Fonte talked about the launch: “Everybody follows what is going on in the US with NFTs, and I’ve been following it too for the last few months. Some of my favourite people are exploring this new world, this new connection with the fans. I tried to explore this connection with the fans, to give them something that is new and authentic. This creation means a lot to me, because the story of it is about my career, about what I’ve been through in my life. It’s about resilience, showing determination and never giving up and showing that anything is possible with hard work. I’m excited. I want the fans to be open minded. First of all, it’s for a good cause as well. Part of the money will go into some foundations and institutions that we want to help. We want to give something back to the 

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