InfinityGame Releases Its New Platform, the Lighthouse for Gamers

SINGAPORE, Sept. 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, InfinityGame has released its new platform, the Lighthouse for gamers. InfinityGame is an open-source Decentralized protocol – built on Binance Smart Chain working as a lighthouse for gamers on Defi that enables them to enjoy the best experience when swapping, farming, staking and earning $IFG with addictive games.

In the midst of the word Gamefi was coined by blockchains and developers and the phrase refers to a hybrid of decentralized finance (Defi) and gaming activities are becoming popular. Infinity Game expects to redefine the gambling industry as one of the world’s first permissioned and transparent high performance blockchain gaming ecosystems. As well as combining the knowledge of industry professionals in both blockchain and gaming in order to deliver an outstanding blockchain gaming experience for players.

InfinityGame token – IFG and the tokenomics

InfinityGame token, so-called IFG, has many features and privileges for its investors as the cryptocurrency of this blockchain-based gaming ecosystem. Infinity Game has a clear tokenomics for IFG to launch that builds the trust for the base-holders of the IFG tokens community.

Token specification

  • Symbol: IFG
  • ‌Network: Binance Smart Chain
  • ‌Smart contract: 0xbe3D73659bfB5084344dfdDCBcd22fdA7989c3dD
  • Max supply: 210,000,000 IFG
  • Total supply: 10,000,528 IFG
  • Token allocation
  • Foundation Reserve (burned token): 5,000,000 IFG (2.36%)
  • Airdrop Campaign: 4,000,000 IFG (1.9%)
  • Liquidity: 1,000,000 IFG (0.5%)
  • Gaming and Liquidity Mining: 200,000,000 IFI (95.25%)

How to earn IFG?


About 4,000,000 $IFG, equivalent to 4,000,000$ will be released on this chance! To join this Airdrop, players only need to implement 4 steps following via the below step -by-step guide:


  • Please access Telegram and find @infinitygame_airdrop_bot to be introduced in detail
  • When users complete all the four guidance steps above, the rewards of IFG will be issued and counted as 20 $IFG. Users can earn the other 10 $IFG when successfully referring friends to participate in this airdrop.

Disclaimer: IFG rewarded tokens from airdrop campaign are going to be claimed only at 5PM everyday (UTC timezone). These tokens are merely applicable for gaming activities, then in case the players win from games, the token is directly transferred to the connected wallet with Infinity Game.

3.2. Staking and Farming

Users totally choose the staking or farming time and schedule, which is congruent to their plan. There are various timing frameworks for users to consider such as 7 days, 1 months, 6 months and 1 years and there are no lock rewards. The longer time of staking and farming, the APY in return will be more profitable.

Infinity Game also apply the referral rewards for users, when the presenters start staking and farming on Infinity Game, the refer people is redeemed the 10% commission on the F1’s staking interest amount.

3.3 Gaming

Infinity Game operates decentralized with the smart contracts and are auditable as the backend of the games which can be seen by everyone. For instance, it can bring great benefits in terms of transparency in winning/losing rate.

By gaming on BSC, InfinityGame ensures the scalability to provide speedy gameplay and consistent service. Fairness on Infinity Game is also the highlighted feature of this platform since it can eliminate cheating based on blockchain technology.

In the upcoming time, InfinityGame will release some types of games such as Scratch coin, House racing, BlackJack, Baccarat, Bingo, American Roulette, etc.

For Scratch Coin, players need to input $IFG to purchase a card (the higher card value is, the greater reward users earn) then scratch the silver layer covering on the card. The smart contract will automatically generate the amount of $IFG corresponding to the total reward value of all possible winning cases.

If three identical coin symbols appear in a row, users win the round and the reward will be released immediately then transferred straightforwardly to the wallet. In case losing the round, those $IFG users wager will be burned to enhance the token value.

Scratch Coin will be launched as soon as their Airdrop Campaign starts, then each month they will release one by one game mentioned beyond.

3.4 Swap function

Swap is the impressive function of Infinity Game, since users can exchange the IFG token to another one effortlessly and time-saving to fulfill their trading plan by the function on Infinity Game after connecting their wallet. Besides, users can easily exchange on Pancake Swap to purchase more $IFG.

For more information about InfinityGame, please follow their InfinityGame social channel.

Telegram channel:

Telegram group:



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