How To Make Money With Bitcoin

Different ways of how to make money with Bitcoin (BTC) exist. After bursting the great bubble of 2017, almost everyone throughout the world knew that bitcoin existed. Some decided to invest in the nascent market while others remained on the sidelines.

However, Bitcoin’s recent uptrend toward $10,000 seems to be setting a new floor after its third halving event. Bitcoin has become a subject to most of the mainstream debates for several years now.

make money with Bitcoin

Analysts, commentators, and spectators analyze its past and try to determine its future for many reasons. Some are curious about its history while others are scouting on possible lucrative investment opportunities.

The Bitcoin fever is gradually gaining momentum, with some analysts predicting a surge towards $50,000. To benefit from a possible Bitcoin bull-run, here is what you need to know about how to invest your money to make profits from the BTC market.

Mining Bitcoin

Like the gold miners, the bitcoin miners also need to bring the cryptocurrency into the surface. The miners use special software to solve various math problems, and they get bitcoin in exchange. This strategy makes the Bitcoin network go round.

Initially, Bitcoin mining was quite simple. But, it is currently very competitive and volatile, requiring miners to purchase expensive computer parts. The expensive parts are used to mine the more complicated algorithms, especially now that the third halving event reduced block rewards from 12.5BTC to 6.25BTC.

Since it has become a race of who solves the blocks faster, miners team up in mining pools combining their processing power to solve every transaction first. The rewards come from several miners’ fees and are split up by the pool members.

After the recent halving event, bitcoin mining became less profitable, making many to term it as the end of profitable mining. Thus, to profit from bitcoin mining, it will depend on your ability to analyze the market and precisely predict future changes.

Buying and Holding

The higher the bitcoin price, the bigger the profits made by the miners. Buying and Holding This method needs one first to create a wallet to keep their bitcoin safe. Many places enable you to create a wallet.

A good example is Paxful that offers a free digital wallet whenever you sign up for an account. That is the easiest way for anyone planning to buy and hold bitcoin. But it is always advisable to ensure that the website that you choose to use is safe and reliable.

This strategy needs you to buy and wait for the BTC price to rise. Thus, you can always determine when is the best time to buy or sell your crypto. Several factors affect how bitcoin is valued, and nobody knows what will trigger the next bear market.

The Bitcoin community refers to the holding strategy as ‘HOLDING’, hoping that their coin will be profitable one day. ‘HODL’ is a slang acquired from the backronym “Hold On for Dear Life” in the crypto industry.

Trading Bitcoin

This investment method can be tricky, sometimes due to Bitcoin’s volatility. Thus, do thorough research and learn about Bitcoin to come up with the best holding strategy. Bitcoin trading offers the potential to make huge profits.

Trading means that you buy at a low price and sell the crypto at a higher price. However, it needs practice and knowledge of the current market trends and conditions to make money from this method. The method is quite risky since the market is highly volatile most of the time.

make money with bitcoin

The high volatility offers opportunities for arbitrage, which you can exploit. Bitcoin arbitrage takes place due to market demands, differences in market quality, and the diversity of client behavior.

There is an excellent opportunity for making huge profits for anyone who has a good knowledge of the market and can track many exchanges operating around the world. Also, you can profit from using the arbitrage bots if you have some technical knowledge.

Day trading also has a good profit margin for anyone who does it correctly. Though bitcoin is becoming less volatile as days go by, it is still in its early adoption years, and anything can happen at any time.

Binary Trading or Gambling

Experts advise that you should do research on the bitcoin market and rules of economics to come up with profitable day trading strategies. That research lets you invest without risking much of your investment. Binary Trading The greater financial world has supported binary tradings for many years.

It did not take many years before the financial scheme migrated to the crypto world. Binary trading has just two options. Traders buy an option, and they are either “in the money” or “out of the money” at the expiration time. Thus, it is quite close to gambling.

All you need to do is to invest in an option to make money with bitcoin. For instance, if there are two options to invest, for the bitcoin price of $8700 now (at 3 PM), you can invest in the price being more than $8700 by 9 PM or the price being less than $8700 by 9 PM.

If at 8 PM the price is higher than $8700, you will earn some payout percentage of your investment. If it is lower, you will lose your investment. You can also ‘put’ if the price of Bitcoin will go down.

If the price at the expiration time is less than the original price, you will earn the option’s payout. These are some of the top ways of making money with bitcoin. Others include Bitcoin faucets, pay to click (PTC) websites, accepting bitcoin as a means of payment, lending bitcoin, and doing micro-jobs

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