Horizen Launches No-Code Tokenization Platform, TokenMint, on Mainnet

TokenMint will make tokenization streamlined and accessible to the masses

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Horizen, a privacy-focused zero-knowledge network of blockchains powered by the largest node system, announced the mainnet launch of its no-code tokenization platform TokenMint.

TokenMint, which aims to bridge the accessibility gap in token creation, is an automated drag-and-drop platform that allows people with or without programming knowledge to create their own token with custom tokenomics. The current Alpha version of the TokenMint platform consists of basic functionalities for creating a fungible token. Future versions will integrate a wider range of features like NFT support and zkSNARKs, a privacy technology that will enable provable tokenomics and preserve user privacy.

“Tokenization will serve as one of the main driving forces behind the wave of innovation in blockchain and growth in the adoption of decentralized applications in coming years. A platform like TokenMint can play an important role in making tokenization accessible to mainstream users,” said Rob Viglione, co-founder of Horizen and Horizen Labs. “Notably, no programming knowledge is required for creating a token using TokenMint so users can get started right away. Our long-term goal for the platform is to achieve provable tokenomics while enhancing user privacy, a move that will further break the barriers between tokenization and the masses.”

TokenMint, comprising three key tools, is designed to provide a seamless, simple and intuitive user experience. The platform comes equipped with the Token Generator for creating and minting tokens, as well as a block explorer, where transactions are displayed for easy tracking. The platform’s Cobalt Wallet allows users to store, manage and transact tokens created on the platform. These tools are built on the TokenMint Chain, a sidechain that runs on the Horizen network.

“We leverage agile methodologies to bring immediate value to our community through early and continuous delivery of our software. The TokenMint alpha release is just the beginning, as our product and engineering teams will continue to rapidly iterate on it with shorter delivery cycles that immediately address the evolving needs of Web3 and the crypto movement. We look forward to having TokenMint drive forth additional mainstream adoption,” said Zain Cheng, VP of Engineering, Horizen Labs.

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