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Hippo Wallet Launches: To Add New Innovation Dimension for Cryptocurrencies Transactions and Blockchain Interactions


Dubai, June 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hippo has announced the launch of its crypto wallet, which is already fully functional with new innovative features. The non-custodial and completely private wallet is designed to offer seamless crypto transactions, maximum security and anonymity to users. To ensure that the privacy of its users is completely secured, Hippo Wallet doesn’t request any personal information from users. Furthermore, it does not store or have access to the personal data of its users. The only identifier issued to a user is the mnemonic code which must be kept safe by the users as the wallet has no way of identifying a user outside that code. And if the code is lost, the system has no record of it for recovery. This measure helps ensure that only the unique wallet owner can access the assets stored in it.

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Hippo Comes with New Innovative Features

As more people use cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications (DApps), having a simple way to access them becomes increasingly important. However, having multiple solutions for different activities, whether for investing, payments, or DApps, can quickly become inconvenient.

That’s where an all-in-one package like Hippo Wallet comes in handy.

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Although there are over 80 cryptocurrency wallets presently, Hippo Wallet offers something entirely unique and innovative to give users a better experience. Firstly, the wallet allows its users to connect their wallets to nodes without needing too much computing power, thereby making transaction verification swift and seamless. “Connecting to node” feature means that although all wallet transactions can be tracked on the blockchain, the total amount that is held inside the wallet remains private when connected to a private node.

Hippo Wallet allows users to create an unlimited number of multi-coin and single-coin wallets. Another amazing fact about Hippo wallet is its impeccable dependability and value proposition, which has accelerated its growth over the last three months, with over 200k users within that time.

Hippo Wallet is a product of Blockchain Commodities, a custom blockchain software developer based in Dubai. The company’s vision is to be a catalyst for impactful digitalisation.

Blockchain Commodities is a full-service consulting firm that helps businesses become blockchain-ready. The company is committed to meeting its clients’ needs, seamlessly integrating blockchain solutions into their services, and enabling them to grow in the blockchain and DeFi space.

Future Expectations

As the project continues to grow exponentially, the team is tirelessly working to incorporate new amazing features like staking, swap, as well as integrate new chains into the ecosystem. The wallet is also underway to include the ability to connect to DEXs, DApps and to hold NFTs as well.

Amongst the upcoming features is the “multisig wallet”, this feature enables multi signatories to have control over transactions. Meaning, it can be set that any, or all of the signatories must allow a certain transaction to take place within this multisig wallet. A great feature for partnerships of any kind!

Another exciting development in the pipeline is the launch of the Hippo Wallet utility token, $HPOW. With this token, users will be able to pay reduced gas fees, earn rewards, and enjoy much more benefits.

To keep track of this wallet and its coin, stay tuned and follow them on InstagramFacebookTwitter, and Telegram.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.