Gridlock, Inc. Launches Revolutionary Crypto and NFT Wallet with Best In Class Security for Traditional Finance and Crypto Investors Alike

Gridlock, a new player in the cryptocurrency and NFT wallet industry, has just launched free and paid versions of its revolutionary product, offering users unparalleled security and ease of use. The wallet is designed for traditional finance investors and people who are new to cryptocurrencies in particular, as well as seasoned investors, and offers an easy, user-friendly experience that takes the risks and fear out of managing and purchasing digital assets.

Sheridan, WY, May 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The cryptocurrency market is just over $1T in market cap and many agree it is primed for a new all-time high in the coming months, making this the perfect time to get started with Gridlock to secure your crypto responsibly and manage your digital assets with confidence.Gridlock stands out from other wallets in the market due to its use of ‘Guardians’ instead of seed phrases to protect a user’s crypto and backup their wallet and assets. Guardians are easier, safer, more secure and more forgiving than mnemonics, pin numbers or seed phrases. Those of you in traditional finance may be familiar with the concept since many wealth management firms are utilizing trusted contacts already. Also noteworthy is that across the crypto wallet space, Gridlock is a multi-party computation wallet, an advanced cryptographic arrangement taking over the industry, ensuring maximum security for users.

What’s more, Gridlock offers its wallet for free, making it accessible to everyone. For those who want extra features and benefits, Gridlock also offers a paid subscription service, Gridlock Pro. This monthly or annual subscription comes with a 30-day free trial and includes additional Guardians, constant network monitoring, a free month of Gridlock Pro for a friend, first access to new features and events, and more. The heavily discounted annual subscription offers an excellent value.

Gridlock supports multiple cryptocurrencies and blockchains, making it easy for users to manage all their digital assets in one place. Don’t have any crypto? Conveniently purchase some inside the wallet. Gridlock is perfect for investors who have been hesitant to purchase or manage their own crypto in the past, as it takes away the risks, complexities and fear of ‘self-custody’ cryptocurrency management.

“We’re excited to offer Gridlock as a new solution for securely managing cryptocurrencies and NFTs,” said Derek Rodriguez, Gridlock’s CEO. “Our wallet is easy to use, secure, and accessible to everyone. We’re confident that Gridlock will become the go-to choice for anyone looking to securely manage their digital assets and open the door to Web3 applications.”

Gridlock’s cryptographic technology secures cryptocurrencies in a novel way by splitting a private key into multiple fragments that are distributed among several devices. In order to control funds, the pieces must be reassembled by the owner. This mechanism provides the security of a cold (offline) wallet with the convenience of a hot (online) wallet, making it maximally secure while remaining useful and responsive.

At the time of writing, Gridlock is rolling-out multiple new features imminently, including an Astar Portal, WalletConnect, and adding support for additional crypto tokens. The company is still offering free for a limited time a Gridlock Foundation Coin NFT, which can be claimed within the app. To stay updated on the latest news from the Gridlock team, follow @GridlockCrypto on Twitter.

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Brent Dixon is the owner of E-Crypto News and an early adopter of cryptocurrencies. He is a Book editor- that has edited numerous books on Cryptocurrencies. He has been a writer for more than 30 years. Covering everything from Jazz Music to Blockchain Technology. He currently lives with his wife on Miami Beach, Fl.

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