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GreaterHeat Signs Letter of Cooperation with Incheon City to Create Blockchain Hub and Foster Incheon’s Digital Economy

Singapore/incheon City, Korea, May 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GreaterHeat Pte Ltd (GreaterHeat), a Singapore-headquartered Web3 Infrastructure provider, has announced that it has signed a Letter of Cooperation with Incheon Metropolitan City to transform the city into a blockchain hub and foster Incheon’s digital economy. The move will see GreaterHeat working closely with Incheon to set up blockchain infrastructure and participate alongside various industry associations and advisory groups, which are working towards the city’s evolution as a blockchain centre of excellence.

David Li, Chairman and CEO of GreaterHeat, and Yin Haoyu, Co-Founder and General Manager of GreaterHeat, both attended an official signing ceremony for this Letter of Cooperation in Incheon on May 9. The signing ceremony was held to coincide with Incheon Metanomics 2023.

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The representatives of GreaterHeat met with Incheon’s Mayor, Mr. Yoo Jeong Bok, as well as Incheon’s commissioner, Mr. Kim Jin Yoeong, who is Incheon City’s highest ranking civil servant. During this meeting between GreaterHeat and Incheon’s senior officials it was anticipated that there would be further discussion as to how Incheon’s cyber objectives would be achieved.

The Incheon Metanomics 2023 event was held by Incheon Metropolitan City and the Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority on May 9 at the Songdo Convensia Grand Ballroom. Around 150 people were expected to attend this event, including officials from domestic and foreign blockchain companies, such as Binance.

The cooperation agreement with Incheon comes at a time when GreaterHeat continues to expand its strategic partnerships and collaborations throughout Asia. In April 2023, the company announced the launch of the Decentralized Storage Providers Accelerator-Asia (DSPA-Asia), a business incubator designed to empower Asia Web3 storage businesses to learn, grow, and thrive. GreaterHeat’s plan for 2023 also encompasses establishing partnerships and teams in Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

David Li, Chairman and CEO of GreaterHeat, said that GreaterHeat’s Letter of Cooperation marked a significant milestone in the company’s involvement in developing national-level blockchain infrastructure. “We are truly delighted that GreaterHeat will play a key role in the development of Incheon’s blockchain ecosystem,” he said. “Incheon Metropolitan City has shown itself to be a forward-thinking city, which has enthusiastically embraced the potential of Web3 infrastructure and we look forward to working closely with Incheon’s senior officials in placing the city firmly on the map where advanced blockchain infrastructure is concerned.”

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Incheon’s commissioner Mr. Kim Jin Yoeong said, “We believe we have found the right infrastructure partner in GreaterHeat. Their commitment to the latest advanced Web3 decentralized cloud storage solutions and their glowing track record inspire confidence that Incheon will be able to establish itself as a leading cyber hub with GreaterHeat’s advice, expertise and partnership.”

About GreaterHeat Pte Ltd.

GreaterHeat is a Singapore-headquartered Web3 Infrastructure provider, which seamlessly integrates blockchain distributed storage, application software development, cloud computing, and edge computing. Founded in Singapore in 2021 by David Li, GreaterHeat provides customers with compliant, stable, and low-cost cryptocurrency mining technology services. The company’s mission is to drive and lead technological innovation, which creates huge incremental resources to enhance the overall welfare of humanity. GreaterHeat boasts an international team in globally distributed offices. This includes a technical team of over 100 blockchain technologists and cryptographers. For more information, please visit www.greaterheat.com

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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