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Grand Time: The Eco-Friendly Blockchain Project with a Mission to Plant 10Million Trees

Blockchain technology has a pretty bad reputation when it comes to its ecological impact on our planet. It’s mostly because of the fact that Proof-of-Work cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin consume tremendous amounts of electric energy and have a very high carbon footprint. Grand Time is a revolutionary blockchain project aiming to drastically change the way in which people look at cryptocurrencies. Not only does Grand Time utilize an innovative, fully eco-friendly form of mining, but it also has an incredible plan of planting 10 million trees.


CHICAGO, Sept. 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Grand Time is an innovative blockchain project which intends to accelerate the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies by making the crypto space more open and accessible to regular people with no technical knowledge and previous blockchain experience.

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To make cryptocurrencies easily understandable by anyone, Grand Time utilizes a concept that everyone is familiar with on an intuitive level: the value of time. Grand Time benefits from this fact by allowing people to literally turn their time into money.

While other projects have a fixed total supply, Grand Time has a fixed daily supply – every day, no more than 10,000,000 GRAND tokens can be mined, and each token represents the smallest fraction of a day divided into 10 million GRANDS.

Grand Ecology: Using the Power of Blockchain to Plant 10 Million Trees

In order to incentivize blockchain enthusiasts to help promote a green future for our planet, Grand Time has recently initiated the Grand Ecology project. Grand Ecology has a simple, yet amazing, premise: planting 10 million trees, which will represent 10 million GRAND tokens mined every day in a fully eco-friendly way through social mining by the Grand Time community.

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Everyone who plants a new tree, takes a photo or a video of it and posts it on social media under the #grandtime_ecology hashtag will be rewarded with GRAND tokens. That way, Grand Time empowers people to improve their personal finances all while helping our ecosystem.

In the near future, each tree planted during the Grand Ecology campaign will be able to be tokenized on the Grand Time NFT platform, and it will be possible to buy, sell, auction, collect and trade these unique tokens. The only requirement will be that the tree has to be at least one year old to be eligible for tokenization, so if you want to own an NFT of a tree in the future, you better plant it now.

Grand Social Mining: The Most Eco-Friendly Form of Crypto Mining

Grand Ecology is not just a marketing campaign: it represents Grand Time’s full dedication to making our planet a better place through the power of blockchain. Unlike Proof-of-Work cryptocurrencies which are harmful to the environment, Grand Time is very eco-friendly, since mining GRAND tokens doesn’t consume energy or produce carbon dioxide.

The main idea behind Grand Social Mining is very simple: users of Grand Time complete simple social media tasks (such as liking posts or writing comments), and they are rewarded for these tasks with GRAND tokens.

Grand Social Mining is flexible and efficient – the users can decide how much of their time they want to spend on the task, and everyone is rewarded proportionally to their input and dedication. No energy-consuming hardware is needed, and even people with no technological knowledge whatsoever can mine GRAND tokens in a process which will be immediately familiar to any social media user.

The GRAND tokens, which people gain through Grand Social Mining, are highly functional digital assets which can be utilized to fulfill numerous use cases on the Grand Time platform. These include purchasing social media campaigns, transacting with other users, launching and collecting unique Non-Fungible Tokens, exchanging them to other tokens like BTC or ETH, voting, crating your own tokens in 5 minutes, and much more.

All tokens mined through Grand Social Mining are secured with military-grade cryptographic algorithms. They can also be easily tracked, verified and independently audited, guaranteeing that the Grand Time ecosystem will remain a safe and transparent place for all parties included.

Take Part in the Green Revolution in Blockchain

Blockchain technology is amazing and powerful, and what can be a better way to use it than to help our planet? Grand Time is the first project which aims to combine unique profit-making opportunities with a real possibility to turn our world into a better, greener and cleaner place through the power of blockchain. If you’d like to know how can you join the Grand Time revolution, visit the official Grand Time social media channels:

Official project website:












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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.