Getting it Right in the Gig Economy

How to get it right when it comes to freelance gigs.

The world economy is changing.

Businesses are becoming faster and better with the rise of technology that only a decade ago was thought to be virtually impossible.

Competition is increasing.

Long term paid jobs are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Every time we all read the news ranging from technology to politics, we see that the new problems of the twenty-first century revolve around how to make more money.

Many societies are going into both social and economic chaos due to this shift.

In answer to this from a sociological perspective, creative people can now tap into their talents and do jobs for others who may or may not be in the same economy.

This has created what is now referred to as the gig economy.

This stems from what artists in the twentieth century performed as gigs which ranged from concerts to private performances.

This leads us to the big question: how can anyone anywhere get it right in the gig economy?

This question shall be answered in the following points below.

Identify Your Skills and Talents 

Your skill is the single most important asset that you have when it comes to the gig economy.

To know what you are good at, you must checkout your hobbies and interests first.

Do you read? Then you can become a great writer!

Do you like listening to music?

You might just be great in writing songs or in doing voiceovers!

Do you have a thing for videos? You may have an innate skill in creating videos!

The good thing is that once you have been able to identify a particular skill or talent then you can now develop it.

Read, watch, learn and interact with others!

Gig Economy
The Laptop life

Prepare your Portfolio and Publish it

These days, someone may say to you: “ I am a writer” or “I do videos”.

When asked for a portfolio of his or her work or at least samples, nothing or mediocre samples are presented.

To get it right, you must be able to identify what you are good at.

Are you good in content development (writing, audio videos)? 

Then show it!

Develop samples and place them on different platforms for others to hear!

Such platforms most times are free!

For videos, Youtube offers this.

For writing and content development in terms of articles, Medium is a great option.

For anything audio, Soundcloud is one of the best ways to get this right.

Get your work out there for people to see!

Identify Your Clients

Without having people who can appreciate your work with money (paying clients), your talent will essentially remain dormant.

One of the easiest ways as a writer, for example, is to identify clients in your niche using search engines.

You can search for “write for us + Niche” for example and you will find millions of sites globally.

Or you can search for “writing jobs” on platforms such as Linkedin or the various forms of social media.

Craigslist also offers these kinds of openings.

Don’t be restricted by your mindset. 

Use your Imagination!

Once you have identified clients who are looking for your skills or talents, get in touch with them and make the right pitch!

Making the Right Pitch

Most clients always get requests from people like you who also want to work with them.

Getting the right pitch (one that works well for you) is the single most important factor that will ensure your getting gigs.

Keep it simple.

Don’t bore.

Be personal.

Identify your single most important advantage and zero in on it.

Be semi-formal.

Introduce your portfolio.

Ask for the gig.

Identify your easiest point of contact.

End your pitch.

If you follow this formula, whoever is interested in you will get in touch whatever means you use. 

If no one gets in touch, keep pitching!

No means Not original!

Not everyone will be interested in your work.

Those who are will contact you. Give them time.

Always look for recurring gigs, they pay the best money over time!

Negotiate Your Rates

When you are starting, you will have to start the same way others do if you are in a corporate setting: from scratch.

Don’t be afraid to set rates which may sound bizarre, just make sure that you can pay your bills and save something after paying them.

Over time, you can renegotiate if you are that good. Nothing is impossible.

Make sure you deliver great work.

Understand your client. He or she is your boss. Adapt, learn and understand them.

There are some clients however, that you will not be able to vibe with. Business is like romance. 

If you can’t flow with the client, nothing you do will satisfy him or her.

Let such clients know, separate from them and find those who are meant for you.

Figure Out How to Get Paid

This is where many freelancers fail. 

Most think that the traditional means of getting paid are the only ways of getting your money.

There are new solutions you could use which work every time.

Getting paid in cryptocurrencies is one great way of receiving funds.

Transfer services such as Paypal’s Xoom which allows anyone with a Paypal address to transfer money to almost any bank account in the world is another.

Transferwise, world remit, Veem, and others also exist.

Search for the one that suits your situation and use it!

Finally, don’t blow it!

Try as much as possible to under promise and overdeliver. With that, you will not only have a happy client, you will also most likely have made a friend. Then again, what are friends for?

What do you think, how can you get it right in the gig economy?

Please let us know in the comments below!

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