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Gate.io’s Leveraged ETF Holdings Has Exceeded 100 Million

Global digital currency exchange, Gate.io, has achieved another significant milestone of crossing $100 million in its leveraged ETF products on September 16.

SINGAPORE, Sept. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — After surpassing trading volume of $5.5 billion last week, Global digital currency exchange, Gate.io, has achieved another significant milestone of crossing $100 million in its leveraged ETF products on September 16. The reason behind this surge in popularity is that leveraged ETFs adopt an automatic position management mechanism to provide users with fully automatic low-leverage contract transactions while avoiding liquidation.

Gate.io provides leveraged ETF products of multiple mainstream cryptocurrencies, expressed in longs, shorts, and other instruments. For example, DOT3L is a 3 times long leverage of the Polkadot token. Conversely, DOT3S is a 3 times short leverage of Polkadot.

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Another advantage of Gate.io leveraged ETFs is its automatic adjustment mechanism. To maintain a product leverage ratio of 3X, it is necessary to adjust positions regularly every day compared to the underlying assets to 3 times leverage. When the market price rises, the adjusting mechanism will automatically increase the position and generate more income for users. When the market price declines, the entire position will not be liquidated, but a temporary position adjustment will be liquidated to reduce the position to help users avoid more losses.

Currently, Gate.io provides 3 times and 5 times leveraged ETFs; reverse leveraged ETFs and portfolio ETFs. In general, the advantages of Gate.io leveraged ETFs are aimed at spot trading, with leverage attributes. There is no need to pay margin. You have a 0.1% low daily management fee, low entry barriers, automatic position adjustment, and an adjustment mechanism to increase position size and reduce losses. By using these adjusting ETFs, you can keep the position forever and never face liquidation. In addition, under unilateral market conditions, short-term holding can be achieved to accelerate returns.

About Gate.io

Gate.io allows blockchain enthusiasts to trade and store assets in more than 900 of the leading cryptocurrencies for over 6 million users from around 190 countries. The exchange offers spot, margin, futures and contract trading in addition to DeFi products through HipoDeFi, custodial services through Wallet.io, investments through Gate Labs and it’s dedicated GateChain platform. The company also offers a wholly integrated suite of products such as its Startup IEO platform, NFT Magic Box marketplace, crypto loans and more.

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Press Contact – Diksha Sharma (Head of Comms), [email protected]

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