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French Network launches a Global Token FREN

SÃO PAULO, Brazil, May 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Ethereum network fee has been steadily growing with no sight of falling below double digits level. For instance, as of May 1st 2021, the average fee on the Ethereum platform is about $11.74. Owing to these huge fees, many projects are launching alternative blockchain networks that offer better incentives, and Binance Smart Chain has been the preferred platform. The latest project to do so is Frenchie Network with its launch of global token FREN.

Frenchie Network is a blockchain project aimed to introduce and influence change worldwide. Hence, it is just not a meme-based token but keen on building a robust ecosystem around it with mind-blowing features that will set it apart from other community tokens. The project plans to rival existing blockchain networks such as the DOGE blockchain by developing a fast, zero-fee and viable in terms of being smarter with the ability to have extremely low inflation significant to allow blockchain innovations in a real-world economy.

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Therefore, Frenchie Network is introducing its FREN token, a decentralized digital asset that will run on the Binance Smart Network. BSC is known to have extremely low transaction fees going as low as 1 cent and this will allow users of FREN to leverage on cheap transaction cost when transacting within the Frenchie Network ecosystem. FREN token is built using Solidity and BEP-20 standard and audited by EtherAuthority.io. In its report, the top tier auditor gave the FREN token and Frenchie Farm the green light to continue with its operations after being granted a “well secured status” by the auditor.

The team at Frenchie Network commits to the decentralization key to securing the platform’s network. In order to achieve this, every contract is public and 100 percent open source. The team deploys further separate contracts for different functionalities, including farming and governance.

Frenchie Ecosystem

Remaining true to its commitment to bringing change not only to the blockchain and financial world, but Frenchie Network is also building a robust ecosystem featuring the following products and services.

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Liquidity Providers

Users and holders of FREN token have an opportunity to put their funds to work by participating in the Frenchie Network farming. Users interested in being liquidity providers can stake their LP tokens and earn rewards each day. The process is easy, with interested parties required to access the network’s 1Inch Liquidity Pool and deposit the preferred amount to stake in BNB + FREN tokens. This is an opportunity to earn more FREN tokens. Crypto enthusiasts interested in Frenchie farming should not hesitate to jump and benefit from the platform’s generosity with rewards of 144 million FREN per day. It’s expected to run for 3 months. The APY on Frenchie farming is also something not miss which is placed at 400 to 500%.


As a strategy to bring more utility to the FREN token, Frenchie Network is also venturing into the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) market. The project targets game artist, 3-D designers and AAA graphic designers. Additional merchandise available through official stores will include physical items such as baseball caps, hats, stickers and t-shirts.


The pinnacle of Frenchie Network decentralization will be realized through developing a FrenDAO. The decentralized autonomous organization will be key to engaging the Frenchie community with voting as per each user stake in the network implemented to influence decisions such as future change of Frenchie token contract parameters.


Initial Supply – 1 trillion

Current Supply – 800 Billion (80%)

Total Burned – 200 Billion (20%)

Tokens to Burn – 50 Billion (5%)

Locked Liquidity – 250 Billion (25%)

Overall, it is definite Frenchie Network is on a mission to shake up the crypto and blockchain industry. The project has been around for only one week and has achieved a lot, including Trust wallet, Coin Watch and Delta App. Frenchie Network is undoubtedly benefiting from having a market worthy idea led to fruition by Spiry Capital. The founder has immense knowledge in cybersecurity spanning 10 years and now 6 years in the blockchain and crypto industry. Teaming up with other like-minded and fun-loving developers, Frenchie Network will upstage existing crypto and blockchain projects.

Social links and documents

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FrenchieToken

Medium: https://frenchietoken.medium.com/

Whitepaper: https://frenchie.tech/whitepaper.pdf

Media Contact

Project: Frenchie Network

Contact: Gabriel Paun, Founder

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: https://frenchie.tech/

SOURCE: Frenchie Network

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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