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Freename Launches Web3 TLDs and Domains Platform


Wallerau, Switzerland, Oct. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Freename is the leading Web3 TLDs and Domains platform where users can register and mint their own customized Web3 TLDs. Everyone can also get a passive income with Royalties: if you’ve secured Royalties on your TLDs, every time other users buy a domain on your TLD, you will be accredited 50% of the value of that domain. In a nutshell, every user can become a domain owner and make a profit. Furthermore, on Freename, users can trademark their Web3 TLDs and Domains to protect their own Web3 Identity worlwide.

To celebrate its launch, Freename is rewarding its users with a $10 coupon which can be used to buy any Web3 TLD or Domain. To get the code, users need to register on Freename. The coupon lasts 24 hours, and it is automatically added to the shopping cart after sign up.

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What is a Web3 TLD?

TLD stands for Top Level Domain and it’s the word that follows the DOT (.). For example, in freename.io the TLD is .io. With Freename users can register and mint any Web3 TLDs they prefer to highlight such as the name of their business, their brand or whatever they like. For example users can opt for FIRSTNAME.COMPANYNAME like john.freename.

Users can also decide to mint domains on the most popular Web3 TLDs extensions in the market. Among the most popular ones – as suggested also by trending keywords – there are .metaverse, .moon, .chain, .lambo, .token and .chain. You can check on freename.io all the available Web3 TLDs and register the ones you prefer before someone else picks them out.

What is a Web3 domain?

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A Web3 domain is minted on the blockchain and it offers several advantages if compared to traditional domains. Unlike traditional domains, Web3 domains do not have any renewal fees. Once minted,  Web3 domains are yours forever and can be used as a crypto wallet address. Moreover Web3 domains are NFTs since they are unique and minted on the blockchain, therefore they have an intrinsic value which can be highly monetized. With Web3 domains the domain transfer is fast and easy – since it’s processed on the blockchain – and this increases the likelihood of investment success: gone are the days of time-consuming transfers of traditional domains.

On which blockchain can I mint my Web3 TLDs and Domains?

Freename has a multi-chain approach. This means that users can mint Web3 TLDs and domains on the blockchain they prefer. Users can choose between several blockchains such as Aurora, BSC, Cronos, Polygon, Solana, Near and Ethereum.

How to get a passive income with Freename Royalties?

With Freename, every user can earn passive income by activating royalties. When a user owns a Web3 TLD, such as .income, and another user registers a domain on it – for example test.income – the (.)income owner earns through the royalties program. This represents a huge opportunity for domain investors and all the crypto and non-crypto users who are looking to increase their own income.


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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.