announces its new feature: “News Influence Score”

October 9, 2018) – Finrazor, an independent crypto market navigator that covers every cryptocurrency, each ICO, all blockchain essentials, and almost every other topic in crypto, is announcing its latest feature known as “NewsInfluence Score”. Finrazor’s goal is to help readers navigate through an enormous amount of information by monitoring the market, analyzing it both automatically and manually, and detecting key events using smart algorithms. Finrazor collects news and information from more than 180 sources(such as news websites, social networks, slack channels and so on). By analyzing the mention frequency of cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and other crypto topics, Finrazor is able to identify what is ‘hot’ at the moment. Without any room for error, it allows users to focus on what is truly important. Graham Leach, MBA in Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management, researcher, author and advisor – has described the role Finrazor will be playing:“‘Finrazor is an informational and analytical service that has tuned for and focused on the blockchain ecosystem. I think this is a critical piece of maturity of the blockchain ecosystem.I think a credible professional information source is necessary for blockchain to mature properly and leave the shadows of the economic system and become just a recognized asset class like stocks, bonds, or forex, where cryptocurrency would probably sit on the ‘forex’,and blockchain would probably sit under either‘ equities or debts’ which means stock or bond, depending on how companies structure their blockchain-based offer.
As mentioned, this week Finrazor is announcing its latest feature –“NewsInfluence Score” – that enables tracking high-volatility assets and their degree of dependence on the news background. With the help of this metric, it will be possible to detect abnormal cases of sharp growth or a drop in interest in an asset. In order to achieve this, Finrazor is analyzing both historical and real-time data, as well as the news background around each asset in question. Testing of this feature is almost over, and it will be available on very shortly.
Finrazor is launching its own market analysis product. Its team will provide tools for manual graphic analysis, instant access from charts to news headlines, comparative graphic analyses, indices, risk indicators, trend strength indicators, triggers, analytics, the liquidity of assets, cluster analysis, and both fundamental and technical analysis.


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