FAMEEX Releases Four-Layer Encryption Protection Mechanism


NORTH PARRAMATTA, Australia, Feb. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, FAMEEX, the rising digital asset exchange, has announced the launch of its four-layer ladder encryption protection mechanism, which will make the platform more trustworthy.

Four-Layer Ladder Encryption Protection Mechanism

Based in Australia, the two-year-old exchange FAMEEX has committed to providing safety, stable, and fast trading experience for crypto investors. Through rigorous coin-listing rules, FAMEEX provides mainstream cryptocurrencies and ensures that users would not be exploited by any suspicious project. Other signature products include grid trading, perpetual futures, and super commission rebate programs.

Carefree Trading Trial

In spite of being a newcomer in the crypto market, FAMEEX sets itself apart from other already huge platforms by sophisticated marketing campaign designs. One distinguishing feature is its trial fund campaign. FAMEEX offers a near-zero threshold to earn trial funds which can be utilized for 12 hours.

The latest trial fund campaign the platform held in late 2021 went with a profitable bonus worth 20 USDT for every eligible user. Any user who completed primary KYC verification and activated the futures account was available to claim the bonus.

Extensive Marketing Campaigns

In addition to its official website, FAMEEX, armed with multiple social media platforms, constantly communicates and interacts with its community followers on Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Its marketing team plans and fine-tunes different campaigns according to different social media. The FAMEEX team held a “Guess BTC Price” campaign exclusively for Telegram followers which had a perfect ending in mid-January.

Better Trading Experience

Aimed to become a beginner-friendly trading platform, FAMEEX keeps up with the current trends and offers the best trading journey with clear interface designs. Users get the taste of speedy trading, stable platform and most importantly, great market depth.


The rising exchange FAMEEX started its trial operation in September 2019 and officially launched services on January 1, 2020. FAMEEX has dedicated to providing the safe, stable and fast trading experience for users. Since the priority of FAMEEX is security and safety, it only offers the mainstream cryptocurrencies having no exploitation concerns. Services including, grid trading, perpetual futures contract, spot trading and super commission rebate program are provided.

With a four-layer ladder encryption protection mechanism, users who trade on FAMEEX hardly need to consider the safety issue while enjoying relatively low trading fees. The basic spot trading fee is 1‰ while the futures trading fee is 0.2‰. Through constant optimizations, FAMEEX hopes to offer a more enjoyable trading journey for users who can trade straightforwardly.

Find FAMEEX on

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FameexGlobal

Telegram: https://t.me/fameexgroup

Trade on-the-go with FAMEEX’s crypto trading app (iOS/Android)

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