ETF-NFT Trading Platform Ceresion to Open A New Age of Cryptocurrency Art Platform

CHICAGO, Aug. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In mid-2021, the new age of decentralized finance begins. The previous barrier between know-how and affordability is now becoming weaker and weaker. DeFi new age is right in front of eyes.

ETF-NFT Trading Platform Ceresion to Open A New Age of Cryptocurrency Art Platform 1


After 7 months of preparation, it is time for serious investors to enter the DeFi realm of decentralized finance. The demand for bona fide financial products and services has pushed the realization of the new platform CERESION, which will soon start their premier ETF trade and bridge coin, CERESION TOKEN, to accelerate the trade platform and transaction between ETF and NFT.

So, what is ETF?

ETFs, or as known as Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are investment funds made up of multiple assets within a particular industry. The value of ETF does not rely on a single asset but a complex value index of a group of assets of a particular group. The transaction with ETF is supported with some perks, for example, it would be traded with lower fees, a diversified asset portfolio, and the ability to focus on top of particular sectors.

Meanwhile, the total value of ETFs in the globe is over $7.7 trillion and still be growing. Investors all over the world are trying to put more and more part of their investment attention to the expanding alternatives. The decentralized investment option is in great demand in the open market and covers part of the traditional financial industry.

So, what is Ceresion doing?

Ceresion debut product is the V1 platform, which allows the early-stage investor the opportunities to trade a wide range of crypto-based products with ETFs supported value.

In the recent update, the V2 platform expanded its functions from the previous cryptocurrency sectors into a new level, NFTs, Polkadot, Layer-2 security, insurance projects, Oracles are all there, which is already very impressive. But now the new platform allows users to buy and sell Ceresion Token, the new currency which will be launched in the Aug of 2021, which would be applied on the exchange platform and serve as the middle currency between ETF and NFT. The result is the market will be ETH initially and a DOT market will be integrated later in 2021. The ability to the transaction of the Ceresion Token would gradually become a prerequisite to gain access to the platform.

Just connect the users’ wallet contacting Ceresion Token to the platform and full access to the platforms’ feature is in front of the eyes. With Ceresion Token, the user could place market orders, place limit orders, view creators’ portfolio, check out creators’ P&L and trade history, and follow all their favorite ETFs closely, and easily access all the full range of available statistical data.

Rather than paying a standard transaction fee (let’s say 5 unit) to purchase (for example) 5 different token, Trading ETFs in Ceresion could be now much easier of which the platform allow investor purchase 5 different tokens with 1 unit transaction fee. Investors now do not need to allocate inordinate quantities of the available investment in transaction fees.

And now the V2 Platform

Well thought out user interface and clean, professional design is now made possible with Ceresion. The V2 platform has greatly improved, with the support of 2nd round private fund, investors will be able to create and manage their own decentralized exchange-traded funds. The unique ETFs not only provide both NFT creators and investors with passive income, but an introduction of gamification through leadership boards and rewards with newly created NFTs control.

The V2 platform now allows users to create their own ETFs portfolio with a unique portfolio of tokens, NFT secured digital artwork, and crypto-assets. Once created, these unique ETFs can be published and made available for purchase by other investors in exchange for other cryptocurrencies or Ceresion Token, the cryptocurrency which will be launched in August 2021. The creators will then earn a percentage of transaction fees associated with the purchase and sale of their own unique ETFs. While the value of the assets inflates and better performance of the ETFs, the leader board would soon notice and the fund ranks would go higher, and more likely other investors are up to purchase their own ETFs.

The users could design their own customized ETFs and release them onto the exchange and projects are all built on Ethereum and Ceresion Token, Polkadot will be offered soon inclusion in the ETFs, NFTs, and of course with Cardano and Bitcoin in the line.

The Ceresion Token will be used as a governance token, giving the community the power to directly influence the development and advancement of the project. Ceresion Token holders will be able to submit proposals and will be vetted and executed by governance contracts. The Ceresion community will be able to communicate with other equally dedicated members in the tiered groups on the platform and coordinate and propose changes to the ecosystem. There will be a weighting system in place to ensure that voting power is dependent upon the level of involvement within the ecosystem, based on holding a considerable quantity of tokens.

The CTO as well as CEO of Ceresion, Kuan stated that, “The decentralized finance has been rudimentary. More complex investment structures are now ready for the investors, Ceresion is built to lead the next wave while we connected ETFs to crypto, as well as the adoption of Ceresion Token. With good use of the trustless immutability of the blockchain, the platform developed a secure ETF creation and trading platform of one of the kind in the world. Building the system with integration to the Polkadot network allows us nearly limitless scalability, and we could now come across multiple blockchains. Through our platform, we will be providing a proven and very successful investment structure with ETFs and the creations of NFTs. And we will be providing it to a completely untouched market.”

Media contact

Company Name: Ceresion NFT

Contact: Person: Carlos Thery


Tele: +1 24 516 495


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