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ENEDEX Launches New Decentralized Exchange that Reimagines the Future of Energy Trading

Future plans include a unique NFT collection linked to EUA emissions allowance certificates

ZUG, Switzerland, Dec. 03, 2021– ENEDEX, a cross-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) for energy trading and a launchpad for renewable energy product tokenization, has announced the successful launch of the future of energy trading. The ENEDEX project kicked off on November 30, 2021.

The team at ENEDEX is composed of industry veterans with more than 35 years of combined experience in energy trading, strategy, executive management, investments, engineering, entrepreneurship, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain with industry leaders. Together, the team is working to develop and shape the energy industry’s future and improve the future of the planet.

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“Energy is the latest asset class that is joining the DeFi innovation. ENEDEX brings a new way energy trading will be conducted in the future and enters a censorship-resistant and transparent universe with democratized global access for all,” said ENEDEX’s CEO. “It is hard for the average person to trade or invest a small amount in energy assets. Tokenization of energy assets breaks down entry barriers linked to market access, geographical barriers, high transaction costs and liquidity constraints.”

ENEDEX Launchpad is a platform for entrepreneurs to develop new projects that accelerate the energy transition while creating a sustainable environment. ENEDEX enables a market to tokenize real-world assets and allows investors and traders to gain exposure to those assets. This new approach allows anyone with an internet connection to have equal access to invest in energy markets.

The team at ENEDEX considered the environmental impact of the exchange. Since inefficient ecosystems currently dominate the crypto and DeFi markets, ENEDEX rejected using a Proof of Work-based blockchain ecosystem because of the tremendous energy consumption needed. Instead, ENEDEX is building on cross-chain technology, starting with Polkadot Moonbeam parachain to offer users a seamless experience, while saving transaction fees and making the world a greener and cleaner place.

The total supply of the ENE Token is capped at ENE. Unsold tokens will be burnt. Staking options become available in December 2021, allowing for superior APY and APR.

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In addition to the DEX exchange, ENEDEX is also launching an NFT collection link to EUA emissions allowance certificates. According to NASDAQ, “A European Union Allowance (EUA) is the official name for Europe’s emission allowances, which in 2008 was defined as the official Kyoto allowance for countries in the EU. One EUA entitles the holder to emit one ton of carbon dioxide or carbon-equivalent greenhouse gas.”

The EUA allowance certificate system has similarities with the crypto ecosystem as the system works with a limited fixed supply, similar to the limited supply of Bitcoin. The collection contains 10,000 unique pieces of fully artistic, generative art. Each NFT is linked to EUA emissions allowance certificates. The NFTs are linked to real-world assets and have real-world asset value.

Besides having real-world asset value, the NFTs is a form of activist investing, the more allowances are taken off the market, the more electricity producers need to pay to generate electricity with fossil fuels and hence make it more attractive to use sustainable energy sources instead.

For more information about ENEDEX and the NFT revolution, visit enedex.org.

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