Drako's GTE electric supercar will be a four-motor, 1,200HP monster

Drako's GTE electric supercar will be a four-motor, 1,200HP monster 1

The machine also touts a 206MPH top speed — again, not the fastest, but it’s quicker than you normally expect for high-performance EVs. You can also expect high-performance parts including Brembo ceramic brakes and an Öhlins suspension. It’s based on a Fisker Karma chassis, but that also allows room for four people and their cargo.

If there’s a concern, it’s the longevity. Drako is powering the GTE with a 90kWh battery, and hasn’t estimated the range. A four-motor setup with that kind of power could put serious strain on the the battery pack — don’t expect to travel great distances if you’re enthusiastic with the throttle. It’ll top up relatively quickly with 150kW DC fast charging, at least.

One thing’s for certain: Drako is committed to a real-world launch. Production is starting shortly, and the first GTE deliveries are expected to start in 2020. The biggest obstacle is simply the exclusivity. The automaker is only producing 25 examples, each of which will start at $1.25 million. Tesla’s $200,000 Roadster will seem like a mass-produced bargain in comparison. However, that’s not really the point. This is more of a statement car that shows EVs can compete with the best of the best.

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